Juvenile corrections

Juvenile corrections




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Juvenile corrections

Juvenile corrections have a vision of ensuring that the youths are safe and their development have been promoted positively. Juvenile corrections ensure that the youths who have gone against the law are detained in juvenile courts to prevent them from the risk of more offences. The main purpose of this system is to promote accountability among the youths and make them responsible. The young people who violate the law are made accountable by the juvenile correction systems. Juveniles are detained in juvenile court to ensure that they are secured from dangers from other people because of the offences they have committed. Juveniles are secured from the angry society because they have committed offences against the norms, culture and expectations of the community (Sheffer, 2011).

Conclusively, Juvenile programs are very effective to the youth offenders as they make the youths responsible and accountable. Juvenile corrections are very important to the juveniles as these systems protect them from abuse by their family members or the society because of their delinquent behaviors. The youths are rehabilitated in the juvenile systems ensuring that the antisocial behaviors are corrected before worsening. The goal of juvenile system is to mound the youths to become responsible adults in the society. These systems are not only effective to the juveniles but also to their guardians and the society (Sheffer, 2011).


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