Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

Part One:

The first step in the procedure is I am required to notify Human Resources and schedule a meeting with the employee. This meeting will let the employee know of the issues and develop a thirty-day performance improvement plan (PIP) that will be implemented immediately. The PIP will be a written plan with mile stones expected to be met and the end of each work week. The PIP will also explain the consequences of failing to meet the expectations that can lead to termination. At the end of each week the employee will meet with their immediate supervisor and go over their performance.

I would start by explaining that I value them as a person as well as an employee. I will recap our previous conversation. Then I would express my appreciation for the improvement I observed following our last conversation. I will inform the employee my boss has mentioned that they appear to still be experiencing issues and that is the reason why we are here today. I will recap our previous conversation. This would show the employee that I was listening, shows that I care and expresses trust in the employee. I would need to be consistent with our original conversation and ensure they understand the company has resources to help them in the event they are dealing with any personal challenges.

As a leader, it is essential to ensure that we keep our personal feelings and beliefs to ourselves. A leader is a representative of the company and can’t be clouded By purposely practicing authenticity on a consistent basis gives the “opportunity to connect with others, to build relationships, to inspire your challenges and produce a much stronger organization.” (Week Four, Lecture One, 2018, p.9)

I would inform that I have no other option but to hold a formal meeting with them and I am very concerned about them. I would ask again if anything is going on, listen and validate responses by repeating back what I heard. If there are concerns, whether personal or professional, I would show empathy for what they are going through. I would be candid and let them know that Human Resources has been made aware of the performance decline and this meeting.

We would develop a thirty-day plan for improvement. This plan would include a weekly meeting to discuss their performance together for the next thirty days.

“1) What’s going well in your role

2) What challenges are you facing? Where are you stuck?

3) On a scale of 1-10, how happy are you? Why?

4) Provide one idea to improve our product or service.

5) What are your top 3 priorities for next week?” (15five, 2018)

We would both sign it, and I would hand deliver Human Resources for their signature and records. I will inform the employee; termination will be the next step, depending on results. (Candor)

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Part Two: Write a brief dialog recording the conversation between you and this employee that demonstrates your use of the strategies outlined above.

Me: Good morning and welcome to the special meeting as communicated to you earlier in the appointment.

Employee: Good Morning, I have availed myself accordingly.

Me: The Company fully appreciates your contribution over the past years and would like to continue recognizing your efforts. You are of great value to the company. With you, the company has seen success over the past years and without doubt that goes without notice.

Employee: Thank you for the compliment, I appreciate it.

Me: The company always looks into the needs f the employees in order ensure job satisfaction and higher job morale. Whenever it is notices that something may be wrong, we try to solve any issue, whether work related or not. We would all like to see fulfilled and happy employees. Last time we had a similar discussion, we were able to see improvements and everyone was satisfied and we believe you were too. However, the recent trends in the past weeks have shown that you have also dropped. The company would like to know whether you have any issue that you would like solved whether personal or within the company. We would like to see you back to where you belong as soon as possible.

Employee: Quite frankly, I have always not wanted my personal issues to affect my working and clearly I have done a poor job a keeping that. I should have been a little clearer last time. I have a personal financial issue that has been draining my income and has taken most of my time. I have been paying for mortgage and is taking most of my income and now I need more money for hospital bill which the insurer cannot cover and I do not know where to get them. I also cannot get a loan from the bank because their interest are too high since I do have high credit ratings and even if I do i will not have much left to sustain me as I also have student loan to pay.

Me: That’s understandable and it happens to many people. Did you know that the company has an employee health policy that allows the sharing of cost when an immediate family member is needs to cover medical bills? As for the part that you are to pay, you can still take a loan from the company at 0% interest that you can start paying from the 4th month since you have worked with the company for 6 years.

Employee: Thank you. That will be of great help to me. I did not know about the 0% interest on company loans to employees. That will solve my needs fully.

Me: Great, I am happy for you and quick recovery to your loved one. Please be in touch with the finance department so they can process your loan as soon as possible.

Employee: Thank you, I will do that.

Me: Have a great day ahead.

Employee: You too.