How to Hire

JWI 521: How to Hire

From My experience, this quote is quite true. Hiring managers normally want people who can meet certain levels and match some qualifications but not exactly what they would expect. Quite a number of times, reality is quite different since an employer’s wants some specific task accomplished without caring much of the qualification that match their description provided the employee has done the right thing.

There was a time when we were hiring for a software company and the managers wanted software employees who were graduates from well recognized computer science schools. The recruits needed to have impeccable knowledge of the field and the specifications that were posted as required. During the interview day, a self-taught computer programmer who matched the requirements showed up and showed that they could do the job as described. He did not match the qualification but it they knew how and what to do on the job as he was interviewed by experts in the field. He was finally employed after much doubts and turned out to be a great employee who had a lot to offer for the company. Through research and experience, it has been found that though qualification play a role in the productivity of an employee, it does not give the full of the scale and potential of that employee and it is up to the company to know what they are looking for so they can hire appropriately (Noe et al, 2017).

Organizations focus more on qualifications and that isn’t going to help further from the recruitment than the actual technical knowhow of the employees. It would be great if my organization recognized this but sadly, they do not. As much as I do not advocate for just hiring anyone, I feel there is a need to change the focus and strategy that is employed when hiring. The workforce strategy should definitely change and be more aligned towards a more productive mission.


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