Labor Relations Week 7

Labor Relations Week 7

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Labor Relations Week 7

Discussion 1

As we saw in the reading, employee relations and labor relations, though related, are two different things. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, drawing from the reading, explain the difference. No need to respond to colleagues.

Although the labor relations and employee relations are often grouped together, they have different functions and roles within an organization. The employee relation is more concerned with the direct relationship between an organization and the employees. The employee relations are normally attributed as the responsibility of the human resource department. On the other hand, labor relation is more concerned with the direct relationship between the organization and the employees as well as the relationship between the organization and the unions, which represent the employees.

Discussion 2

In many organizations, Employee Relations and Labor Relations are the same department. Do some research on your own organization. How is that set up? Who is responsible in your organization for diversity and inclusion? Do you think they are doing a good job? Why or why not?

I work as an accountant in the organization that has employed me. Although there are various departments, the ones that majorly involve the welfare of the employees are the labor relations and the employee relations. Notably, the human resource manager, whose is under the employee relations, is responsible for the diversity and inclusion in my organization. I do believe the employee relations are doing a good job in promoting diversity and inclusion in the organization since they empower diverse culture, which provides the employees with the ability to grow, learn, and contribute to the company (Stevenson, 2018).


Stevenson, M. (2018). Diversity: HR’s Role. HR Exchange Network.