LASA 1 Human Resource Planning

Running head: Human Resource Planning

Module 3 Assignment 2: LASA 1: Human Resource Planning


The regional branch is struggling with donations, retaining personnel and several other issues attached to motivation, pay and somehow training. In order to overcome this crisis and avoid the closure of the branch, a new human resources planning should be launched. The human resource planning process ensures the best fit between employees and jobs, and avoid manpower shortage and surpluses. This process will show a road map of the activities that would lead to a human capital well managed. The process will address issues that must be developed the work environment such as diversity, inclusion, motivation, safety, policies and guidelines.

On a daily basis culture influence who we are and how we interact with others. In general, culture is defined as the set of beliefs and behavior learned from a specific group and which give every individual a sense of identity and belonging. Working on an international organization means that employees come from different cultures and they have to learn how to work with people from different cultures and how to build business relationships. The organization, through the HR Manager should ensure a friendly work environment where the following cultural issues are addressed: cultural difference awareness, cross cultural understanding, global talent management, emphasized on global leadership skills and international teams.

In order to overcome these issues, we are planning a series of training to develop the cross- cultural intelligence, which is the ability to switch ethnic or national patterns and learn new one to adapt on the environment. The development of cross- cultural intelligence will decrease the option of discrimination based on race, religion or sex and will increase the chances of having motivated employees. As an international organization, we should also develop communication skills that would allow managers to give accretive performance feedback and will increase the collaboration and communication among teams with international employees.

As an international organization, we should communicate our new employees the organization’s culture and what are the cultural behavior all employees should have. HR policies should ensure that the workplace is not violating the free development of personality and the freedom of religion, meaning for example, that Islamic women can wear the veil at work and in general Islamic can pray during work hours. The HR policies should ensure that employees are not being discriminate and there is enough diversity in this branch.

The ethical issues the organization has to take into consideration are discrimination and unjust dismissal. The company has to ensure that none of the employees are having their contract terminated without the due process or violation the terms of the contracts. When firing someone the company has to have probable cause, and in case of hiring new employees they cannot hire someone bases on their race, age, religion, sexual orientation or disability. The organization, as well as the branch should follow the federal guidelines stipulated by the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Another issue that the HR Department have to address on the plan is lower the employees turnover and make sure we are retaining the high performance employees. The branch is having very limited resources, because the donations have been decreasing therefore should be investing on the high performance workers whom would help to overcome the crisis the branch is having. The resources saved from letting go the low- performance workers could be invested on training programs or on hiring new passionate and motivated employees.

In order to retain the good employees, the HR manager has to come with different ideas to encourage employees to stay and give them an option to develop a career path that is aligned with their personal goals. Since the resources are very limited, the ideas have to be inexpensive. It would be important to launch a recognition program, where the acknowledgment of good work can increase the employees’ motivation therefore the performance. Every quarter the HR Department should communicate the branches who are the best employees on each department, and they could have an award which does not have to be monetary. In many cases it could only be extra vacation days.

The HR manager could also launch a Mentoring Program, which is a voluntary development program that pairs mentors and mentees, and give the mentees the opportunity to grow professionally and personally by learning from mentors. The mentors would also benefit from the program by developing their leadership competences. The main objectives of this program are:

In order to fulfill the current and future hiring needs for the regional branch, the HR manager has to develop a recruitment plan. This plan has to include all the activities that have to be done at each stage of the plan. The different stages are: analyzing the requirements of the job, attracting the people to apply for that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring new employees and performing the onboarding in order to integrate the newbie into the organization.

  • Enhance the employee career and leadership, because mentors will work to develop the mentees’ full potential and the mentor’s leadership skills.
  • Promote Diversity and inclusion, this program have a greater impact that training when promoting the advancement of women and minorities into the organization.
  • Increase the employees’ engagement, by improving the sense of belonging at the organization.

The first thing the branch has to work on is the job descriptions of all the employees and future hires. Having more accurate job descriptions will ensure every employee knows what is expected from them, and the supervisor can give a more accurate performance review based on results and the goals established. It will also define what are the qualification and expertise required for the job. When employees are hired but do not now what are the expectations or the duties and responsibilities his motivation can be affected as well as his performance. The job analysis would also allow the HR manager to know what are the compensation andbenefits the employee would receive, and if they are according to the law and what the person would get similar benefits and compensation on similar organizations or in the industry.

Once the job description is done, it has to be posted on different employment websites and the organization website in order to advertise it and get different applications. In order to get the perfect match for the position and ensuring that the new hiree will stay on the company, the manager would have to define a new recruitment process, which includes a series of interviews with managers, supervisors and the team.

In order to retain employees, HR should also develop a plan to follow the employees’ performance and how to give assertive feedback. The plan will have to define the goals and what is going to be measure for each employee to establish their objective performance. The goals and measurements will be based on the job description and managers and supervisors expectations. On a second step, the plan should define how the performance is going to be monitor. HR should plan different dates through the year where managers and supervisors have personal meeting with the employees to give them feedback about their performance. After each meeting supervisor and employees should work on how to improve their performance, and in cases the performance is not improving the employee should get a notice and leave the regional branch. Finally, as explained earlier, the HR manager should come with a series of awards and recognition for high performance employees.

As part of the job description, the HR Manager has to ensure the company is complied with the law and regulations. As an international organization the HR Department hires people from outside the United States therefore it should hire an immigration lawyer to ensure all the international hires are legal and according to the US laws. Also, the HR Department has to ensure the organization meets the terms of the different discrimination laws. Such laws are:

Finally, the HR department should implement laws against sexual harassment and the process to set a claim. The employees have to feel safe on their work environment and having strict harassment policies will ensure this feeling.

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: it applies to private, state, local and education institutions, and prohibits discrimination because of race, religion, color, sex and national origin.
  • Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: it was the first law enacted by President Obama, and is about employers committing pay discrimination. It allows the employees to complain about it after 180 days, as it was before.
  • Equal Pay Act: it prohibits sex- based discrimination between men and women who perform under similar working conditions.
    • Pregnancy Discrimination Act: prohibits discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical issues.
    • Family and Medical Leave Act:this Act prohibits against pregnant women, parents or employees with serious sick conditions.
    • Age Discrimination Act: Employers cannot discriminate against employees age 40 or older.
    • American with disabilities Act: this act prohibits discrimination against employees or job applicants with a disability because of their disability.


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