Leadership and Management Paper

Leadership and Management Paper




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Leadership and Management Paper

A public or political figure can be anyone who has taking the responsibility to lead and govern anything from a tribe, a city, or the world. There have being good and bad leaders, which some has dedicated their lives to make things better or worse for their country or an entire nation.

The study by Dubin mentioned above stresses this point of view and states that leadership is a term that is often confused with other terms and that we do not pay enough attention to the “dimensionality” of the term leadership. (Dubin,1979, p.226)

In this paper I will be writing about a public figure that will show how they are or where a leader, in what way are they a manager, what leadership role and functions they fulfill, how are they similar and different, which type of obstacles do they encountered as a leader, are they an effective leader based on common measures of success and I will provide a rationale for my answers.

This figure is a leader because he has brought new energy, motivation and faith to the entire world. Highlights motivation is the key component of leadership (Bryan Schaffer 2008). He is encouraging everyone to practice humility, compassion for one another, modesty, and this leader has made it very clear that everyone could be humble and at the same time be able to lead.

His leadership is showing the world and many people in power that we are concentration in supervision in the wrong thing instead of the importance of teaching what is right and helping does in need and marginalized.

The figure I am speaking about in many ways he is manager of the entire world, first he is tackling and fighting for things like financial reforms, what type of role a woman should take and is tackling situations like divorce and other things happening around the world. Another way this figure is managing would be by giving concerns and helping the poor, his commitment to dialogues that has will help build bridges between people of all backgrounds and believes.

The leadership function and role these leader fulfills is to lead the Catholic Church, which involves getting to know people and understanding their live style, listening to what is peoples believe and being part of a the peoples sufferings and joys is very important. The role an leadership is more similar than different, the main focus is to guide the world in the right direction.

The types of obstacles this leader has encountered is getting people to go back to the belief they once had. Trying to get peoples moral up and back as they once were before several children sex abuse cases, and the other obstacle this leader is encountering would be woman demand for equal rights. Every leader has obstacles and challenges they may encounter, but what makes a good leader is the way he handles any obstacles that may come his or her way.

This leader is an effective leader he is leading with actions, which has made him very popular and many from the younger generation to the older generation have and are following him. His humor and warmth is another reason he has become an effective leader, his persuasiveness is what is making the world change for better, Many say that this leader is leading people in a way that they are not leading themselves at this moment and also gives a breath of fresh air for many.

To be a leader it is important to have the ability to influence, be able to inspire, and most important be able to motivate which will affect the thought by feeling the actions of others, This leader says that true power comes from humility, and true leadership comes out of true service. These are the reason he is effective leader all over the world.

In conclusion there are effective and non-effective leaders but leadership are element that injects energy into the organization, people and the entire world that will help get things moving in the direction of their leaders goals. A good leader is the one that has patience, no matter what challenges they may encounter, with a touch of sensitivity to other peoples wants and needs, with honesty and be trustworthy this are all characteristic makes people believe and follow someone they trust.


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