Strategies for Building Effective Relationships Paper

Strategies for Building Effective Relationships Paper




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Strategies for Building Effective Relationships Paper

The business was involved in the manufacturing process in which there is a strict need of product development project leader. The leader is the position in an organization that looks after the managerial work of the employees, and ensures the smooth process of work flow. In manufacturing organization, the role of leader is to assign the work to the employees, and to make sure that every employee should work in a group.

It is the role of project development leader to increase the job satisfaction level of its employees and to enhance their morale so that there will be high retention ration in the company, and less attrition rate. There are some leadership’s skills and qualities that are required to be in the project development leader, and these are as follows.

The leader should lead the team by example. It means that the team members should follow the skills and qualities of the leader. Leader should possess those skills from which team members can get attracted, and try to imitate them, and become their own leader. It is the biggest skill of the leader by which he or she can lead by example. Another quality of the leader is being organized in the manufacturing company as it is needed to be organized as employees follow the leader in his or her work.

Leader should also take responsibility of the work and any results that may flow in the process. Leader should be capable enough to involve in the process and should have courage to listen the results whether good or bad. Leader should be responsible to ensure the smooth process of the company, and it should not be the attitude of the leader in which he or she can avoid mistakes of the employees. It is the responsibility of the leader to let team members learn from his or her mistakes, and never make this mistake again.

Communication Skills

It is also the responsibility of the leader to maintain the effective communication in the organization as it makes the environment of the company feasible and friendlier. There should be open communication in the organization, and it should be in both directions, i.e., from lower level management to higher level management and from higher level management to lower level management.

There should be better inter-personal relationship in the organization. It is the most important part of the manufacturing company as in manufacturing company; employees generally tend to contact each other frequently. This process also increases the openness among employees to suggest the company better ideas and suggestions to improve the process of work flow.

It is the employees of the organization, who does work, and hence their opinion is the important part, and they should be listened. Employees and workers are directly involved in the process of manufacturing, and hence they can better suggest the ideas and suggestions to the company.

It is also the skill of the good leader to provide autonomy to the team members in their work. Autonomy is the attribute that should be given to the employees so that they may not feel hesitate in bringing new process to the company. It also provides the sense of belongingness of employee to the company. Hence, it is the responsibility of leader to provide autonomy to people so that they can grow in the company, and increase the retention ratio.

The Product development project leader should also be able to delegate the work to the employees according to his or her skills and capabilities. He should also provide balanced work to the employees as it should not happen that more work is provided to one employee, and less work to other. There should be balanced delegation of work to the employees of the organization.

Leaders of Project Managers and Loss of Company

The company does not have any leader to the leading project managers, and they are not much responsible for the work. Hence, it is the responsibility of the leader to recruit or train the employees to become the leader of the manager, and look after their work. The company was seeking loss in the market, and hence affecting the competitive position in the industry. It is bad for the company to get loss in consecutive three years, and hence it is the responsibility of product development project leader to improve the performance of the company, and produce profits rather than loss.

Conflict Management Skill

Another skill of the Product development project leader is to do conflict management. It was in the history of the company that one project leader left the company due to higher conflicts of him with his peers. It is the skill of the leader to check on the process of managing the conflicts.

There are two types of conflicts like destructive and constructive. There are five management conflict styles that are present in the organization, and these are accommodation, competing, collaborating, avoiding, and compromising. These are the styles a leader can follow.

Competing is the conflict style in which parties become aggressive to each other, and there is win loss situation. It is the dysfunctional type of conflict in which individuals do not come at the same point while fight for their right. Accommodation is the conflict style in which one party accommodates other. Compromising is the style in which two parties compromise with each other for a single solution and avoiding is the style in which parties avoid the problem and does not look after it. Collaborating style is the style in which there is a win-win situation of two parties, and hence there is productive work in the organization. It is a type of functional conflict that leads to the positive growth of the company as well as the organization. There should be conflict resolution skills in the leader as it gives the harmony in the organization.

Grievance Management Skill

In manufacturing organization, it is possible that there are grievances among employees related to the process or their employees, and it is the responsibility of the leader to find the best grievance solving mechanism by which the problems of the employees can be solved in the effective way.

Other Leadership Skills

Other skills the product development project leader to have confidence among him or herself that he can do justice to the position. Leader should have commitment toward work, and should have confidence to do work in the best possible manner.

He or she should also be the good listeners, and it is possible in the way that he should listen to the problems or suggestions given by the employees and analyzing them effectively to provide the best service to the employees as well as to the organization. He or she should also try to know more about his employees, and should be a follower of good things.

These skills include: organization and time management, selling skills, resource acquisition and management, technologically savvy, persuasive and negotiating skills, and ethics (Javitch, 2009).

Methods to Bring Strong Inter-Relationships in the Organization

Methods use to build strong relationship in the manufacturing can be done by employing effective communication in the organization, and that too in both directions. There should be proper conflict management strategy in the organization. Employees should also be provided with enough autonomy in the organization so that they can feel to be the part of the organization rather than an employee there.

Leader should bring effective grievance management strategies, and should employ effective communication strategies in the organization. There should be more harmony and friendly environment in the organization so that there will be good inter-relationships that ultimately lead to higher productivity of employees in the organization.

Participatory Management

Participatory work is required in the manufacturing organization in a way that leads to the positive growth of the company. In manufacturing business, it is necessary that there is team work among employees as all the processes are inter-linked with each other. To ensure the smooth process in the organization, it is the responsibility of the leader to bring effective ways by which team work can be increased.

Leader should form the team according to the skills and abilities of the employees, and delegate them work. There should be communication of vision and mission of the company to the team, and it should be ensured that all employees should work toward the same goals. There should not be individual goals of the employee, but a common goal of the company. Information should be provided to the employees of the organization so that they can work according to their concern.

Employees receive insight into a particular problem, issue or strategy and the cognitive tools necessary for breaking down the issue into problem-solving components (Rampur, 2012).

In conclusion there should be shared decision making in the company, and employees should also be allowed to take part in the decision making process. It can also be done by making the work plan, and it successfully works in the manufacturing company as there is a schedule of work according to the framed plan. Hence, in this way product development project leader can improve the participatory management in the organization.


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