Apply: Business Interview

Apply: Business Interview

Katherine Freeman

LDR 531

January 13, 2020

John Schobin

Apply: Business Interview

Change is a reoccurring process for all organizations and management teams. I chose a cultural and diverse company that changes almost monthly. On Thursday January 9, 2020 I contacted CCC to set up an interview with a manager to interview. We were able to set up the interview for Friday January 10, 2020. I was able to find a check list of questions called Checklist for Your Change Management Approach. There were many good questions listed so I mixed them up a bit and chose three categories such as: Communication, Planning Management, and Resistance Management.

Planning Management

Question 1: Have you developed the necessary change management plans, and what were the results and outcomes?

Answer 1: To implement change through policies and procedures, it is important to provide managers with the correct information, proper tools, and the necessary support needed to properly execute the change.


Question 2: Have you identified the different audiences and the most effective channels of communication?

Answer 2: We need to help identify groups that will not reject changes, and we will clarify the meaning so there is no confusion in the communication processes. Because everything is technological in this day in age, we are able to send notifications to email, cellular phones, workstation desktops, and of course meetings and conference calls.

Resistance Management

Question 3: Have you positively identified where the resistance is likely to come from, and have you developed measures to mitigate resistance before it happens?

Answer 3: Usually resistance comes from our workers who have been with the organization for a long time, and lower level workers. Some older workers feel the technology is hard to understand so we have training and development courses for all workers no matter their level or department.


I really appreciated this supervisor taking time to help me with this assignment in her off time. In her own time, not at work, she helped answer my questions because of our conflicting schedules and my family member passing. The other two companies I contacted would not bother with me because of “time issues.” She helped me understand effectively managing change in their organization.


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