Comparing Leadership Model – PowerPoint Presentation

Comparing Leadership Models

University of Phoenix LDR/531 Organizational Leadership

Universal LeadershipVSSituational leadership

Universal Leadership ModelSituational Leadership ModelSimilaritiesDifferencesSignificance

Universal Model of Leadership

Have five stages of developmentLeadership Circle ProfileFour Quadrants

Leadership Circle Profile

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Situational Leadership Model

Change to match unique situationFinding solutions to problemsRecognize that situations cause for certain actionsEmerges as q result of place, circumstance and time

Situational Leadership Model

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Effective leadersGreat leader emerges in tough situationsManage people creativelyLeader are creative and reactiveAim to achieve an effective execution


Universal Leadership Model

LCP AssessmentLeadership is measured by metrics, research, and measurementFollow stages of adult development

Situational Leadership Model

Adapt to situationsAdjust their behavior according to the situationEffective leadership through achieve

Significance of the Models

Make effective leaders for organizationsDevelop leadership skills within managers in the organizationHigh level of Performance from leaders and employees

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