Leadership is the act of leading people and making decisions even in unfavorable conditions. Leadership requires flexibility to changes. We are living in an environment where people are working in an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing world. Within a changing global business environment, the leader is expected to always inform the employees on the changes that will take place in the organization(Harris, 2008). Additionally, the leader is expected to always encourage the employees whenever they are facing any change in the organization. The leader is expected to act as the role model and help the employees adapt to the changes. In a changing global business environment, the customer needs also shift and it is the role of the leader to ensure that he makes sure he moves with the shift and that the customer needs are meet. The leaders should always have a new strategy to affect it whenever a change takes place(Harris, 2008).

Additionally, the leaders also require making balance decisions and understanding tradeoffs and optimize cost without going too far. Effective communication should also be practiced by the leaders in such an environment. Effective communication ensures that there is trust between the employees and their leaders. Lack of communication at such times leads to lack of trust and spread of rumors as well as poor engagement among the employees. The leaders should be able to acknowledge the business changes and the challenges with all the employees. The leader should also be able to outline the steps to be followed by the organization to tackle all the challenges. Leadership is a team function(Harris, 2008).

Leadership model is made up of three essential overlapping parts which includes which includes leaders, employees and situations. Leadership model enables the leaders to know when their teams are doing well and doing poorly which is made possible by the use of team dynamics. Leadership functions includes in the model designing, dreaming and development which are applied through input and context. The leadership model also includes the monitoring process where the leaders have to monitor both the internal and external environment which will help in gathering of information continually. After the monitoring of information, there is the action taking step(Harris, 2008).

Action mediation is at the heart of leadership because it involves selecting from among competing courses of actions and helping the group creates a system of organizing that allows the team to make quality decisions. For the team to be effective, the team leader should learn to be very objective and open in matters involving detecting the team problems and skillful at selecting the most appropriate actions to help achieve the team goal. The leadership model enables the organization to be prepared and make strategies to use when making decisions in case of any change in the company. The leadership model also provides the guidelines required to ensure that the action that will be taken by the team will be effective and fit the environmental need with all factors considered (Bush, & Glover, 2014).

Diversity in any organization which includes diversity in gender, culture and teamwork ensures that the organization has all the required skills and talents. Additionally, with diversity, there is a sense of unity and appreciation among the employees. The diversity also helps in accommodating each in the firm and having multiple skills among the employees. Diversity will also ensure that the organization will accommodate everyone which will help in targeting also a diverse market as all the employees will know how to deal with different kinds of people in the market which will lead to an increase in market share and hence increase in profit ratio for the company (Bush, & Glover, 2014).

To encourage the employees to work in a diverse environment, the leader should ensure that his employees are energized. The team leader should ensure that there is more life to the employees than work. This involves creating a conducive environment for every employee so that they can work favorably. The leader should also place the needs of the employees first instead of work as when you meet their needs; they will be confortable and motivated to be productive. The leader should always act with integrity and always ensure he practices emotional intelligence. Being a good listener as well as a problem solver is paramount (Harris, 2008).


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