leadership and management

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This presentation aims at enlightening the staff on their needs and requirements in the childcare. We will develop more as time goes by and as need arises.


Effective and efficient early childhood management starts with the management and the administrator. For it to be so, various steps have to be taken into consideration to achieve this. They include ; Effective communication, comfortable and supportive workplaces, career development for staff and finally hiring and retention of staff(Clark & Murray, 2012).

As asserted by (Sullivan, 2009), in the childcare and every other thing going on should be effectively communicated to the members of staff and everyone. Everyone should know what is expected of them and not basing on assumption. Internal memos, emailing and phone calls when necessary will serve as the best tool to address them directly and efficiently.



*Everyone should work in an environment they are comfortable with as long as it meets the NAEYC requirement (Jones & Pound 2008). This will make someone work well and effectively.

All members of staff should give their individual requirements on the work places they would like to work in. They are expected to communicate anything they want to the manager.

Every staff member should have a chance to develop their career to a higher level (Jones & Pound 2008). The members of staff will have a chance to meet with career development experts regularly to develop and nurture their career.



As the childcare grows and develop in terms of numbers, more staff need to be put into the system and the present ones to counter it. This will ensure that the system is balanced and therefore effective management (Sullivan, 2009).

Assessing and hiring staff regularly will be a solution to this. Increasing their salary regularly will be a solution to retention of the staff.

Clark, R. M., & Murray, J. (2012). Reconceptualizing leadership in the early years. Berkshire: McGraw-Hill.Jones, C. A., & Pound, L. (2008). Leadership and management in the early years from principles to practice. Maidenhead: Open University Press.Sullivan, J. (2009). Leadership skills in the early years making a difference. London: Network Continuum.


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