Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Communication skills– often, change is handled differently by different people. Some people will respond positively to a particular change, whereas others view it as a threat. It all depends on how the change is communicated to them. It therefore necessitates that any leader develop good communication abilities for change to be embrace with minimum anxiety and stress. The leader doesn’t not necessarily have to be charismatic, but only needs to be a good communicator as well as a good listener. (Owen, 2012).

Delegation– Any leader who aspires to develop employee ownership in the organization should be an employee who delegates. Owen, (2012) says that leaders should overcome the fear of loss of personal control, and entrust some of his juniors with some of the work.

Confident- Another great quality to being a great leader is being confident. According to Adair (1998), the people you are leading can sense whether you are confidence or not. By this, the leader can as well inspire confidence in his subjects, something that will push the employyes to own up the organization as well.

Initiative An excellent leader should always work to motivate the employees and must be an initiator (Leatherman, 2008). The leader should be a key element in everything that i8nvolves motivating the employees, and they must know you are doing it. This will help them be confident that any change you will bring about is for their own good, and will accept it.

HonestyEvery leader ought to have in mind that they are responsible directly for a group of people. According to Owen (2006), Honesty For a leader, honesty is not just about morals and ethics. It is much more important than that”. It’s about the employees.


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