Learnscape 1 More Help Needed Now

.  From the scenario “Learnscape 1: More Help Needed – Now!”, examine the role of human resources in health care organizations. Suggest a key characteristic that is required by HR to establish effective relationships with line managers, indicating the likely impact to the organization.

Pursuant to the health care reform law passed in 2010, human resources managers for companies with more than 50 employees must decide between offering group health coverage and paying fines, beginning in 2014.  Human resources management is a vital management in the field of healthcare and other service sectors, where the customer facing challenges because of staff’s performance that have the experience and the quality of performance.  The role and effectiveness of human resource management are very important in hospitals; the need to pursue the efficient use of human resources for health constantly, and even non-health.  Some important recommendations to consider for individuals working in the hospital:

.  The provision of material and moral incentives for employees working in government hospitals to generate their desire to continue to work and provide medical services appropriately.

.  Training course for workers in the hospitals in the area of the dimensions of medical service quality, and to deepen the quality concept between the staff and to achieve the quality dimensions at the best degree. 

There are my important characteristics that are required by HR to establish effective relationships with line managers like training line managers for coach/development, offering constant support, easy access to process knowledge, communication, clarifying HR’s role and business contribution, etc.  Take training line managers for example; line managers are responsible for a great deal of people management in addition to the regular workload they handle.  Line managers need the necessary training to hone the skills required to do what are actually HR responsibilities.  As a line HR manager, must work toward equipping line managers with correct tools to support in order to enhance their confidence level.  With line mangers being able to get the necessary skills and training will help allow them to help out other employees.


.  From the scenario “Learnscape 2: Tough Dad Approach”, recommend a strategy that HR can use to address complaints related to a specific employee rights issue. Provide support for your recommendation.

There are several strategies that HR can use to address complaints related to a specific employee rights issue like being proactive, identify the problem, manage the risk, etc.  One of the best ways is managing the risk. Whether the company is nonprofit or profitable, employee lawsuits continue to rise.  Managing and addressing the problem early will help  prevent the situation from getting out of hand.  There are several steps with facing this challenge like establish a strong attendance policy, implementing a performance management and review system, set up a disciplinary process that includes formal notices, etc.


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