Leveraging Employee Strengths to Build Culture

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“Leveraging Employee Strengths to Build Culture” Please respond to the following:

Complete the StrengthsFinder quiz located in the back of your book. What are your top five strengths? Were you surprised at the results? How can a company leverage its employee’s strengths to build strong company culture?

Hello class and professor,

My strengths were:

1 Restorative

2 Responsibility

3 Developer

4 Deliberative

5 Consistency

With my results i can honestly say i wasn’t surprised but that they wee right on target.

A company can leverage its employee’s strengths to build strong company culture by: 

1. Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses to increase performance.

2. Match work tasks to strengths to engage people.

3. Target strengths when recruiting and selecting talent.

4. Marshal strengths to motivate behavior change.

5. Develop a shared language of strengths to increase teamwork.

Managers and leaders can leverage its employees greatest talents to build a strengths-based organization with strong company culture by :

Not assuming employees know their strengths. People often take their most powerful talents for granted or may be unaware of them. Strengths assessment can help people worldwide discover their greatest talents, and companies can easily use this tool as a starting point for building strengths orientation in the workplace.

Find ways to apply strengths in a team setting to achieve common goals. Help coworkers learn and understand each other’s strengths and how their talents complement those of others on the team.

Use team meetings to help team members deepen their understanding of the strengths approach, and assign team projects based on employees’ strengths.

Help employees align their greatest talents to the expectations and responsibilities of their roles.

Incorporate strengths into performance conversations and reviews, and help employees set goals based on their strengths.

Create a community of strengths advocates and champions to act as internal experts who help everyone in the company use his or her strengths.

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