List of System Requirements

List of System Requirements

Functional Requirements:

The system should allow authorized users to change their password, but doesn’t allow them to sign up for another account.

The system shall allow the students to view their current schedules, like student is in which major and term schedules.

The system shall allow the students to view their course schedules while opting for the class.

The system must allow the registrar to add and drop the student for a course. Also propose a schedule for the upcoming semester that satisfies requirements and constraints.

The system should show the courses taken and courses still to be taken.

The system should allow the system administrator to have access to create accounts for new students and deactivate account for old/graduated students.

The system must have an option to send an email confirmation to the students whenever a course is added/dropped, so that students are notified about new changes in the schedule.

The system must be able to generate a report for both registrar and system administrator, when the waiting list becomes too long. This notifies the registrar with possible new sections that needs to be created.

The system should also determine the number of students in a class to system admin and registrar.

The system must allow the faculty to view registered student’s details.

Non-Functional Requirements:

System must be accessible on the Web.

Only authorized/registered users can access the system with username and password.

After entering the password and user id, the user must be able to access his/her profile.

System must be able to work with any Web Browser.

The system must be able to work with different operating systems such as Windows and Mac.

The system should be able to load the web pages within 2 seconds.

The system must have 2-second maximum response time for pre-defined queries and 10-second maximum response time for ad-hoc queries.

The system should be able to integrate with the existing inventory system (SQL server database).

The system should be available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days per year.

The system should allow only the system administrator to manage the inventory and member system.

The system should meet any new requirements and must be able to prevent the unexpected breakdowns.

All the students must have privacy for their accounts; the student details should not be accessed by any other student.

The system must support languages such as English, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin (Chinese).

The system must be able to display/show error message to the user if unable to process any requests.

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