Living Environments Worksheet

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Living Environments Worksheet

Use this worksheet to identify and describe five living environments for the aging population. The environments should progress from most to least independent.

Write 50- to 150-word responses to the following questions. Use your own words and provide examples to support your answers.

Which of these environments were you already familiar with? Explain your answer.

I was familiar with the assisted living communities prior to this assignment. I worked in a nursing home and also shadowed my aunt at her job at an assisted living home. The residents there were able to care for themselves for the most part but meals were cooked for them and daily activities were scheduled for them. Medications are managed for the residents and given out when they are scheduled to be taken.

Which environment do you feel is the most important or least important? Explain why.

I do not believe that there is any one environment that is more important than another. The environment that the older adult goes into depends on the needs of that individual. With that being said there is not a way to say which one is better or more necessary until you know what the older adult is requiring as far as their care goes and what they can afford.