LOG 401 Mod 2 SLP Logistics and Culture

Trident University International

Randy A. Smith

Module 2SLP


One of the first things that is done in order for FedEx to be able to distribute its packages is for there to be a barcode attached to each and every product or package. This barcode identifies the package which is entered into the information technology software system that is utilized by FedExstores. This barcode contains the specific characteristics and or dimensions of said particular package.

The next step in this process is for the package to be delivered to the nearest processing center where this package is then assembled with other packages that will be routed and transported in the same manner. For example, if the package is to be delivered utilizing the ground delivery system by truck then the package will be assembled with those other packages that will be delivered in this manner.

The package is then transported to the processing center that is closest to the address to which the package will be delivered and is then delivered to the delivery address in an expeditious and efficient manner.

Another important aspect of the FedEx system that helps it to distribute its product in a highly efficient and effective manner is the fact that FedEx has processing facilities located internationally. This makes it possible to process packages on a continuous basis and around the clock. This also helps FedEx provide overnight deliveries of packages as an option to its customers.

In distributing its products internationally the packages follow the same procedures alluded to in the beginning portion of this report, in respect of the fact that the packages are barcoded and taken to the nearest processing facilities. These packages are then delivered to the airport to be properly screened and loaded aboard an aircraft. This aircraft takes the load of packages to the processing facility located within the region or nation in which the packages are to be delivered and then they are trucked to the processing facilities that are closest to the addresses that they are to be shipped to. From there the packages are delivered from those processing facilities to the addresses listed.

FedEx utilizes business operational procedures in distributing its products that includes an analysis of the specific delivery situation and variables, determining the specific objective that is to be accomplished, developing the most expeditious and efficient methodology by which to deliver the products, gathering the necessary service and support personnel, and maintaining clear communications between processing centers and delivery personnel etc. This also includes utilizing the barcodes as a means by which to track each and every package to ensure that it is in route to his destination, as well as utilizing the barcodes as a means by which the customers can keep track of their packages as well.


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