LS 490 Unit 3 Assignment – PowerPoint Presentation

Unit Three Assignment

Purdue Global UniversityLS 490

Natural Law Theory

Civil Disobedience

How these two intertwine

This theory states that the validity of a law is based on the morals on which it stands and any laws deemed immoral will not be valid.Civil disobedience is the main avenue in which change is enacted on these kinds of laws. Without individuals who sacrifice for their beliefs, based on morals, change would not happen.Martin Luther King Jr. once said that one has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws. (Green, 2014)

Prohibition of Cannabis

4/20 Celebrations

The unofficial holiday for cannabis users is April 20th of every year.Even though this is legal is many states, none of those states allow usage of cannabis publicly.In an act of civil disobedience, thousands of people gather in public areas and partake in the “sesh.” (Hughes, 2017)This group of like minded individuals are exorcising natural law and choosing their “right” over the government’s “wrong.”


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