M4A1 Discussion Ecology

Describe the sources of this renewable resource.

Explain how this renewable resource is harnessed for energy.

    1. There are many other sources out there but my renewable resource would be Solar Energy.

    Considering that it takes energy to make energy, identify the kind of energy needed to make electrical energy form this resource?

      1. Solar Energy harnessed and produces its energy from the sun. Its formed of solar radiation is provided by the sun to get it’s energy.

      State the average amount of energy this renewable source produces. For example, on average, how much energy does a single wind turbine produce in a year? Or, how much energy does a dam produce in a year? Or, how many wind turbines would be needed to produce the same amount of energy as the average dam?

        1. Electricity can be produced directly from photovoltaic, which means (light and electricity), PV, Cells. The cells are made from materials that exhibit the photovoltaic effective. It says, that when the sunlight hits the cells, the light of photons excite the electrons in each cell that cause them to flow and generates electricity.

        The more solar cells working in tandem, the more power they’ll create. That’s why the size of the panel matters if you’re trying to calculate how much electricity a panel makes. It has been about this size for decades, but modern panels make more electricity than in the past. That’s because panel manufacturers have found ways to improve cell efficiency over time (2016).

        Compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of the renewable energy resource.

        What is Solar Energy? Retrieved from http://www.greenoughsolarfarm.com.au/solar-energy/what-solar-energy

          1. Solar energy is renewable, it’s sustainable, it has low maintenance, it’s cost is low, the support from the government is really strong in this area.
          2. It’s expansive. It takes up more of the land in its area. Its supply and its material is very costly.
          3. Reference:

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