Making it Personal

Making it personal

Using Hite and Seitz (2016), relevant supplemental resources, and assignments, you reviewed and assessed the major threats to global well-being. You were challenged to craft an informed perspective on the issues covered each week.

Has your thinking about any of the issues covered in this course changed from when you began the course? If so, which ones changed? If not, was any of your thinking further solidified by issues covered in this course? Explain.

This course has been an eye-opener on the causes and impacts of global warming and climate change. Particularly on how human activities have contributed to global warming which has made me think about how human activities can counter the damage they have done. Industrialization in developed countries has led to massive effects on climate which has affected even developing countries, who suffer since the effects may be intense and they could lack the resources needed to counter it. Research by scientists has concluded that human activities have led to the emission of greenhouse gases which has been the major factor that has driven climate change.

When these gases increase in the atmosphere as well as particles, it affects the weather in that there are extremes. The sea level also rises displacing the people who live around the coastal region as well as disrupting the businesses that run along the coastline. Property is also damaged due to climate change and it is up to us to practice activities that ensure that climate is not affected and make our world a better place. Ecosystems continue to degrade as natural resources are being depleted and in turn, food and water will be unavailable and the health of people will also deteriorate.


I believe that sustainability is very crucial and there should be campaigns and education of its significance. Eco-tourism should be practiced to protect our ecosystems and natural resources. The emission of greenhouse gases should be controlled so that the effects, as well as risks of climate change, does not affect our future. It is important to be conscious of our environment, be eco-friendly and sustainable will only make our future better and ensure that most operations in businesses run smoothly for instance flights are sometimes canceled due to too much snow.


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