Management Team Briefing on Employment Laws – PowerPoint Presentation

Management Team Briefing on Employment Laws

HRM 510

What is the employment law?

Employment is a field of law that addresses all aspects of the employer/employee relationshipThe employment law is a composition of both the federal and state laws that must be adhered to.Major areas include employment:Employment discriminationUneployment compensatonPensions

Contents of the employment law

Distinction between independent contractor and employee

Independent contractor verses Employee

Independent contractor Vs. employee

What is employment discrimination?

Discrimination Vs.Harassment

Employment discrimination provides for:

Types of Discrimination

The Equal act of 2010 provides for the following types of discrimination under its legislations this are:Direct discriminationDiscrimination by perceptionIndirect discrimaniion.VictimisationAssociative discrimination.

Types of dicrimination

Direct discriminationMostly happens when an individual is treated less favourably than others due to a protected characteristic.Discrimination by perceptiondiscrimination to an employee because others think they have a particular protected characteristic (perceive not have)Indirect discriminationoccur mostly when there is a policy that applies to everyone except the disadvantaged

Types of Discrimination

VictimisationHappens when an individual is treated badly/wrongly because they support a grievance or compliant under the employment law legislation(Hogler & Bemus, 2018).Associative discriminationDiscrimination towards an employee because he relates or is friends with a person who has a protected characteristic.

Discrimination retaliation

Fighting discrimination

Discrimination retaliation


Every employee is expected to behave reasonable way while undertaking their responsibility.Its also wrong to impose requirements to a an employee that cannot be complied with such as demanding a family man to work all weekend.Apart from adhering to the law its important that a conducive working environment is achieved for maximum productivity.


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