Manager Readiness and Experiences

” Manager Readiness and Experiences   Please respond to the following:

Create a response of approximately 500 words that answers these two questions:

Review your results from the Security or Autonomy Experiential Exercise.

Do you wish to optimize security or autonomy in your career? 

Think of managers you’ve had – the best and the worst – then describe a trait that made them the best and a trait that made them the worst. 

Read one of your classmate’s responses and compare your managerial experiences.

The security and autonomy exercise ended up with a total score of 7 which states that I would be best within a bureaucratic employer. One where freedom is larger than not. Honestly, I would choose to work for a company, as I do now, that allows me to make the decisions and gives me the trust that I am making those decisions freely with the businesses best interests in mind but also making that decision with the customer in mind as well to benefit from the overall decision. I believe a company that does this and allows its employees the freedom to make savvy business decisions on the go will be, if not already, successful because they trust that those decision will be what our customers will need to ensure that the issues that have risen are settled by someone who is making the decision based on what the customer is saying but also working within the parameters that have been set. Not necessarily working to a guideline but following a template to make those type of decisions.

A trait that has made managers in the past and present would be time management (for the worst) and establishing trust (for the best). When I think of my worst manager, they were not a bad person by any means but their ability to prioritize and manage their time to complete their work while also being there for us to help refine our skills. Looking at the best manager that I have had, it takes me back to time management but the biggest trait would be trust. This manager established trust with us that she had our best interest in mind but would develop us the correct way. She made it a point to get to know us and what we wanted to do so she knew what it would take to help us each get to where we were wanting to go with our careers. Not only did that manager build trust within her team regarding work she also was human as well and embodied an open door policy to come talk to us about any and everything. The manager that had issues managing their time and prioritizing the things that we needed as their employees struggled to coach us also. They had not taken the time to get to know us, how we best learn so they were able to help us grow as an employee but also shed light on the skills that were needed to further our careers if that is what was wanted to be done.