Managerial Practices Executive Summary

Managerial Practices Executive Summary





Managerial Practices Executive Summary

Upholding of standards and values of criminal justice system at a national level is paramount to the efficient functioning of the justice system. In the US, there is no single criminal justice system so each work in their area of jurisdiction. Thus the state which handle crimes committed in the boundaries of that state and federal that handles crimes committed on a federal property or crimes committed in more than one state. For this reason, there are systematic components available across the board, they include;


  • Law enforcement: These are officers that maintain law and order on a regular basis, gather evidence, give testimony in a court of law and they are also responsible for arresting offenders. For this reason, a high level of professionalism is expected from them since they are the ones that are relied on to make judgements and prosecute offenders (Miers et al, 2013).. Honesty and diligence in their work is expected of them.
  • Prosecution: These are the layers that represent the federal government or the state in a court from the time the accused make their first appearance in court to the end of their case. They review evidence brought by the law enforcers when building a case. Their professionalism is essential since they are the ones to make a good case that might lead to prosecution.
  • Defense attorneys defend the accused and have a responsibility to carefully scrutinize the evidence presented by the law enforcement by using the law to help acquit the falsely accused. Their professionalism is important since they are expected not to use the legal system to keep criminals free.
  • Courts – They are run by judges and they oversee the cases brought to them. They can sentence the accused or acquit them. Upholding professionalism is paramount to them since they have to make life changing decisions to the accused.
  • Corrections. These are for the accused. Their intention is to ensure that the criminals get to be corrected and come back changed and corrected. People who are responsible for this institutions should uphold professionalism so that the convicted can work towards making their future better when they get out.

Miers, D., & Shapland, J. (2013). criminal justice system. Violence and Health Care Professionals, 127.

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