Managing Conflict and Resistance

WEEK 7 “Managing Conflict and Resistance”  Please respond to the following: Watch the video from Karl McDonnell, CEO of Strayer University, titled “How do you determine when Organizational Change is necessary, and how do you prepare for employee resistance?” Explain what causes conflict in the workplace and propose how managers can work with employees to break down resistance to organizational change.  

Many things cause conflicts in the workplace such as diversity, background, personality, perceptions, and culture. First management must execute change effectively from the beginning. Management should also expect resistance to change by preparing, managing, and reinforcing changes. Management will need to identify the root causes of resistance. Approaching the change with structure and engaging senior and front-line management cans assist with the transition. Also, communicating to employees the need for change will have a smoother impact.

COMMENT: Managers can also help break down organizational change by encouraging staff to participate in the changes. Managers will ask staff for ideas that can be accepted or rejected to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Staff will recognize their dependence on contributions in the workplace and the overall operations of the company.

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