Marketing Communications and Objectives

Marketing Communications and Objectives






Marketing Communications and Objectives

Marketing communication is a very important strategy for any developing business or for a business that needs reawakening. For any marketing strategy to be successful there has to be a set of marketing goals and objectives to be met in the long run. There are several objectives for the family diner restaurant that if implemented would make it cut edge. The main objectives include to create a restaurant which will attract both customers from around and the travelers as well. Another aim is to ensure all the customers’ needs are met to their satisfaction. The third main objective is to make the restaurant unique and of high standards all the way from the kind of management provided up to the point of the least service delivery.

Also, other objectives include to ensure that the produce suppliers are paid in due time without the accumulation of arrears to enable the restaurant to be in good terms with every individual that takes part in the day to day activities of the diner. A situation analysis of a company or an institution is often the pillar of that specific company. Therefore during the formation of a marketing plan, keen interest should be put on the situation analysis by all means. The most important component is the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, also known as the SWOT analysis.

The family diner has several strengths that will enable it to thrive easily. To begin with, it is not a new restaurant. It has been present for several years. Most of the times businesses face a hard time to start because ground breaking is usually expensive and involves several logistics which then can easily discourage potential investors. However, this is not the case in this scenario. It is an already established premise and also has its daily faithful customers. Another key strength is in its location. It is located at an interstate between two main towns. This makes it an important stop over area for many travelers and those coming back to town. The third advantage it has is that the employees present have been there for a long time and therefore most of them know their customers extremely well. This makes the customers to feel highly appreciated and loved and thus attracting more clients in the process. With the incorporation of the new management, the most important strength they have added is the fact that they are techno savvy and are willing to incorporate the use of computers within their system.

The utilization of computers will enhance and maintain online service delivery. It will also enable communication within the social media platforms to allow successful advertisements to take place. This will take the restaurant to a whole new level that they have never achieved. The next analysis is the weaknesses that the restaurant has. To begin with, their servers and employees are reportedly elderly. This can be a great disadvantage to the customers because most often than not, it limits faster service delivery to the customers. Also, it has previously been reported that the servers often smoke in between the serving of customers. In my opinion, this is very disrespectful and could lead to the exit of several potential long term customers and therefore should be stopped with immediate effect.

The third weakness is that some customers related to the employees leave without paying for their services. This could easily lead to bankruptcy because the management can then not account for how much they have spent on the purchase and balance this what has been spent through the customers. Another weakness is that there is no specific location for smoking and the customers smoke within the eating section of the restaurant which makes the non-smoking customers quite uncomfortable. Therefore, a smoking zone can be created to allow the smokers to smoke freely not interfering with the other customers.

Also, another weakness lies in their opening time. The restaurant opens at 11 a.m. which is quite a disadvantage, given its prime location. Because of the late opening time, it is only able to serve lunch and dinner. If this were to be made earlier by two hours, the restaurant would then be able to serve breakfast as well which will definitely increase the clientele. The restaurant presently has several opportunities which include the following. To begin with, it has been placed under a new management which has an aim of leaving a legacy through the restaurant. This therefore means that they have people who are willing to expand it to the maximum potential that it can possibly achieve within the span that they will be managing the facility.

Another opportunity that avails itself to them is that since they are an already established lot, they have delicacies that are renowned and that act as a magnet to the existing customers. This gives them an upper hand since if they are able to increase their production of their daily delicacies and homemade pies, it can easily lead to increased number of clientele and thus much more profits. The third opportunity they have is the presence of a neighbor who knows much about management of businesses and financial strategies and is willing to help them through the entire process of the rejuvenation of the restaurant.

The existing threats for the company include the restaurants located nearby including a McDonalds, Subway and Sonic Drive-in restaurants. These restaurants have special deals throughout the week which our restaurant currently doesn’t do. It has been noted that McDonalds runs Shamrock Shakes in March, Subway offers $5.00 foot long sandwiches, and Sonic has happy hour soft drinks each day. Therefore, several individuals would prefer such offers and would be easily tempted to shift bases. Also, the presence of only one chef is a key threat that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. The third threat is the present service delivery to known customers related to the servers without them paying. This was previously addressed as a weakness, however, it still suits as a threat as well and should therefore be addressed in both sections.

Within the new budget allocated for meeting the expenditures created by then new marketing plan, a large portion will have to be taken by the communications department to facilitate the advertisement of the changes incorporated by the new management. Approximately 60% will go to the purchase of computers and internet subscriptions to enable both online deliveries and online advertisements. The money will also be used to purchase to bicycles that will be used for the door to door deliveries of online orders.

About 20% will go to the printing and distribution of both flyers and banners within and around the nearby towns. Another 10% will go to the erection of two billboard within the two town in an effort to advertise the facility further and draw in more customers to the diner. The final 10% will go to the proceeds of developing a new logo and changing the previous one. It will also be in used in the refurbishing of the furniture and the walls within the restaurant with details of the facility and the offers it has.

This portion will also be used in the editing of the existing menu and updates together with the printing of the new menus and their distribution on all the tables present within the restaurant. It should be noted that these were previously in the plan however not expounded in details and therefore doesn’t change the initial marketing plan that was made. Any miscellaneous that will remain will be used in the painting of the smoking zone and improving the air circulation of that specific area that will have been selected.