Maryland Healthcare Fraud

Maryland Healthcare Fraud





Maryland Healthcare Fraud

Health care fraud has so far been the of late been the widespread and fastest growing criminal enterprise. To chronicle its magnitude , on its effect to the economic vitality of the state, the district court of Maryland was established its aim ;to ,develop a health care fraud unit capable of investigating the enforcement and compliance of the ethical standards of Medicare professionalism through prosecuting all types of agencies and single practitioner who commit fraudulent acts .A notable crime in the same scope of jurisdiction was a similar prosecution against the owner of Alpha Diagnostics; Rafael Chikvashili who was charged under different counts and was sentenced to ten years imprisonment thanks to the establishment of a federal law that punishes such mischievous violations’ on health and human services. (Investigation, 2017)

Law enforcement initiatives in connection with the press departments have deemed fraudulent acts in health care to have infinite variations hence a major target for unscrupulous entrepreneurs’ who aid orchestrate such endeavors’ with the sole purpose of obtaining bills through such money laundering acts for their personal financial gain. To settle such allegations, the Maryland authority in partnership with the government have resorted into paying hefty rewards to whistle-blowers who provide information on suspicious methods by medical institutions, drug companies, and other healthcare facility providers. Nonetheless, orthopedic organizations have also willfully offered to pay the court to aggressively eradicate such schemes by profiteers who commit health care violations. (Lobb, 2013)

Thus mandatory implications have been imposed to initiate such bold actions. This amidst other practices has proved to be a formidable means of conquering health care fraudulent schemes. Through all this prompted restrictions; the federal grand jury was able to come to a precise prosecution ruling that led to the sentence in regard to the different number of federal indictments presented as evidence that went against the state statutes on Medicare practice. (Fabrikant, Kalb, & Bucy, 2017)

Timothy Emeigh’s involvement revolves around the relation of the unsealed crimes involved in the Alpha company. To begin with was the crime involved with moral turpitude as a result of a misdemeanor of Medicaid fraud for dishonest intent. Here, this underlying accusation ties Timothy the then, vice president in charge of operations at Alpha Diagnostics as a participant in willfully aiding and abetting to issuing a massive scale of false statements and material misinterpretations for billed services that were a complete façade thereby not reliable and competent. (Levinson, 2010)

The second reason behind the ruling was the issue on exploitation counts. On addition to other claims the company also charged individuals the fraudulent amount of bills hence exploiting their resources in the effort of obtaining reimbursement from Medicare. They imposed exorbitant and exaggerated fees for different clinical procedures that required specialized treatment. This impending action led to the demise of the patients who were not able to raise the stipulated amounts that they were required to pay in order to complete their treatment schedules as required by the psychiatric needs of medical treatment. Such false claims and act of deception and deceit also aided in the decision of the jury in carrying out their judgment. (Investigation, 2017)

Another count on Timothy’s account of prosecution was the crime of masquerading and impersonation of oneself. This allowed him to perform intermittent x-ray interpretations in lieu of a licensed physician yet he was in no stature the perfect candidate for the said specialty .such fraudulent pretenses were also deemed an act of threat to the public. This comes after the logic that wrong perceptions of the required diagnosis would be administered and thus lead to unknown reverse effects than those expected. (Lobb, 2013)

The fourth felony count of health care was on the charges based on the self-knowledge that they knowingly executed the artifice to defraud Medicare and Medicaid by submitting insurance claims that never merited approval of examinations such as radiology, cardio logical and ultrasound that were never performed accordingly. The company also drafted reports and affixed the signatories of the qualified physician doctors. This conspiracy resulted in the enormous profit claim that the company got. Nevertheless, the jury was able to order the company to forfeit the proceeds of the fraud through this aggravated identity theft (Fabrikant, Kalb, & Bucy, 2017)

Considering the two deaths due to this subsequent ordeal the charges against humanity were also therefore viable for representation and prosecution. This mayhem leading to the outrageous demise was an unquestionable proof that the Alpha Diagnostics company was indeed a scum and not a proficient health care offering institution. This evidence remains to be the major maker and is enough to convict any doctor in ownership of any phony and reasonably questionable certification of professional completion of the said field of specialization.

As an individual with the goal of preventing such unorthodoxies I would formulate campaigns against health care fraud and neglect of unethical suspicions within the field of health through the organization of special units of highly trained personnel to vet any Medicare institutions that are speculated as suspects in honorably carrying out their work. In addition, mandatory levels of competencies for successful completion of training grades would be set to enable qualified and serious able practitioners to be chosen for any medicinal posts. Furthermore, airing such controversies aids in spreading such awareness therefore more raids and termination of frauds.


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