MAT 510 Homework Assignment 2

Jezreel Spencer


Homework Assignment 2

Due in Week 2 and worth 30 points

Answer the following questions in the space provided below:

Explain the importance of variation to health-care organizations and answer the following questions.

What might be the key processes for health-care organizations? Keeping patients healthy, detecting health problems, diagnosing diseases, treating diseases and providing hospice services.

What are the potential common causes of variation that would have an impact on the key processes of health-care organizations? The distribution of the doctor’s time could be effected by an outbreak in a certain area, missed appointments like the VA, and changes in the patients of the health care organizations.

What special causes might be more important than the others? Variance in a health organization that could impact variance on the normal processes would have to be demographic related illness. There are times when the ER is packed because a stomach bug is going around schools in an area, other things could be like a sweltering heat and the influx of elderly patients. These would be outliers that would increase the demand of healthcare much more than normal and would be altered as far as the normal process of maintaining a smooth patient process verse when they have to deal with epidemics.

How might health-care organizations’ business environment be dynamic and change over time? The way insurance works could cause change in the health industry. For example a switch to low cost health care access for everyone might affect how much Doctors make in the billing process. The business of health-care can also change based on the change of a demographic, like the baby boomers all getting to the hospice age, that could put a major burden on the Health care system.

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