Building and Using Models

Imagine that you are a business manager for a mid-sized company. Propose one (1) overall strategy to build an effective business model in order to both monitor / control changes in business process and predict future business performance for your company. Provide a rationale (e.g., verification process) for your response.

One overall strategy to build an effective business model in order to both monitor/control changes in the business that I would propose would be to coach employees on a regular basis. By coaching employees it helps to correct behaviors before they become habits. Coaching employees means that you are monitoring their behaviors and providing them with tips to become better employees. You are showing them the value of doing/saying this instead of that, and how it can make their job easier. This can enhance the performance of the employee and produce better metric results for the company.

Per the textbook, in order to understand the causal relationship in business process, manager often asks “whys” to drill down the root cause of failures. Select one (1) project from your working or educational environment and propose at least three (3) “why” questions that you would ask in order to identify root cause of problem. Justify your responses

When changing a device on a cell phone number, we should ask several “why” questions to understand actual what the customer may need. I would ask the following 3 questions:

I would ask these three questions because you want to know why the person is swapping the devices. Sometimes they don’t need to go to a different device if we can fix there current one. Also you want to know why because they may be eligible for a free replacement. You must ask important why questions because you want you customer to feel like the are valued and received great customer service.

  • Why are we changing this device?
  • What happened to your previous device?
  • Why haven’t you invested in any type of protection to prevent this from happening again?