MAT 543 Week 11 Discussion Course Wrap-up

MAT 543 Week 11 Discussion Course Wrap-up

Week 11 Discussion MAT 543: Quantitative Methods for Health Services: “Course Wrap-up”¬†Please respond to the following:

Choose one (1) concept learned in this course that you feel is most beneficial to health services administration. Explain your reasoning.

The concept learned is Strategic planning in healthcare is important for successful operations, expansions, and profitability. Quantitative Methods for Health Services in health care provide a wealth of ideas for gaining the competitive edge in the health care industry. Step by step this class has display how organizations developed and implement effective strategies. With Quantitative Methods for Health Services, me as students and future administrators will have pathway to some successful strategies and trend forecasting techniques presented in this class. Quantitative Methods for Health Services course has taught me numerous valuable contributable tips on Designing and Analyzing Systems, and Project Analysis. And this can beneficial in small health clinics or major medical centers. This text evaluates the numerous tools comprehension of basic algebra, statistics, and financial and managerial accounting along with familiarity of economics, healthcare organizations, and health services management. Based upon these foundation competencies, quantitative methods are presented within a health services administration context.

Predict how you expect to employ the knowledge gained in this course to your current or future job.

The Knowledge I have gained over these past ten weeks have been very informative with great important information for employment in a health service administrator. There was so much information that was covered for example, Flow Charting and Time Value of Money. This class has provided an abundance of health care techniques that will help me in my future endeavors in the medical profession. Like any good business, health care needs quality administrators to maintain a smoothly running industry. These Strategy plans supervise the delivery of services by doctors, nurses, and technicians. This important yet valuable information I can use to advance my career as executive management or even health care administrator. Each operation needs someone to track trends in an ever-changing organization and to maintain the organization on the cutting edge. Health care administrators play an important role in keeping the community healthy.

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