Difference of Joie de Vivre’s hospitality

Difference of Joie de Vivre’s hospitality





Difference of Joie de Vivre’s hospitality

Self -confident is an important skill in any business whereby you are able to convince people to buy your goods and services. Joie kept introducing new ways of customer service to his boutique. He also believed in downturn whereby the competitors focus on the low products to serve the customers. In addition, Joie’s effort is to go beyond what people cannot expect you and their needs. Meeting the customers’ needs is very important. Joie’s hospitality has led to improvement of marketplace making travelling more easier in order to access the products. Customer relation is also an important skill in Joie’s business. His hotels are very unique according to theme and design whereby it considers the characteristics of the customers (De Klumbis, (2005).

In conclusion, Joie de vovre has creates a dream experience in handling of his business. In his hotel, he values the needs and characteristics of the guests whereby their personalities are reflected in the style of services. Joie de vovre hotels can be described according to the guests’ personalities and the properties of the services. Amenities found in joie’s hotels are very unique catering the interests of the customers. They are also more specialized whereby the guest can view cinemas from a point (Binkhorst & Den Dekker, 2009).


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