Joie de Vivre’s philosophy

Joie de Vivre’s philosophy





Joie de Vivre’s philosophy

Joie de Vivre is very popular man operating the largest boutique in California which offers the hotels products of high quality and luxury lodges. His management has a focus on penetrating on marketplaces and making new interventions. He is the top hospitality provider of many products from one geographical view. His hotels have become the second largest in the United States through good management and quality products. He has developed new corporate culture whereby he has developed from simple to complex. Continuous growth of the hotels is achieved through self-driven employees. The culture helps or encourages the employees to work without supervision to achieve the expectations set. On advertising the hotels, he encourages dynamic learning of the culture in order to cater every individual (Enz & Harrison, (2010).

In conclusion, joie has developed customer loyalty in provision of outlet for more creativity. He has also provided opportunity for problem solving in order to support his hotel growth rate. He makes his people to feel good and also relaxed in his hotel which has really supported the growth of the hotel. His loyalty to customers has enabled the customers to be loyal to his products too (De Klumbis, (2005).


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