Media Communication Strategy

Media Communication Strategy






Apple is a multinational company based in America. It has its headquarters based in Cupertino, California. The company mainly focuses on the designing, developing and selling of Computer software, electronics, and hardware. The company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jos, Steve Woznick and Ronald Wayne. The main media communication strategies used by the company include product placement and the use of social media to obtain positive reviews. The first strategy is mainly facilitated by the use of celebrities and popular shows. This is done by placing their products within the most popular shows and facilitating its products use by celebrities. This works to advertise their brand more and ensure that they get exposure to as much prospective customers as possible.

The next strategy is mainly facilitated by the social media. The company does several advertisement about its products within the different types of available social media. These include Facebook, WhatsApp, and other websites. In this case, they also have a website and pages where individuals who have bought their products give their comments and reviews on the products that they bought. In these reviews, the customers get to give their levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction. On several occasions, the reviews are reported to be positive. This acts to draw more customers to buy their products and markets them to several other buyers.

If I were the manager in charge of marketing and communication strategy in this company, I honestly would not change anything. If any, I would just increase the number of advertisements given in terms of videos and photos of what apple is able to do. This will act to assist those who are in doubt to see for themselves and believe in the capabilities of the company. The Advertisements by Apple Company meet the CAN requirements. They inculcate the properties of connectedness, the advertisements are very appropriate and the act of novelty is well incorporated.

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