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Differences between New and Traditional Media Options






First and foremost, regarding the audience, the new media option allows for a two way conversation between the owner of the account and the rest of the world while the traditional media option only allows a one way conversation hence no feedback is got from the consumers of the information. Next, the new media option allows the audience interact hence termed as an open system while the traditional media option does not allow any interactions of the audience hence termed as a closed system. In addition, the new media option always broadcast breaking news at that particular time unlike the traditional option which has specific times to air the information.

Concerning their reach, new media options are obtained from social media sites whereas traditional media options are obtained from televisions and other devices. Of note is that the new media option uses channels such as twitter, Facebook, instagram and emails. On the other hand, traditional media distribute their information through radios, televisions, magazines and billboards.

The contents in the new media option are often laced with some aspect of unverified information. On the contrary, contents in traditional media options are often polished contents. These are often verified before production in as much as false information may occasionally arise. Next, the content in new media options are almost always generated by users of online system and made available in social media unlike traditional forms which are generated from professionals at a particular office or media house. Finally, the contents in the new media option are mainly about a particular person but contents in the traditional media options are not person they mainly concern the country.