Medicare Bundled Payment Initiative

Medicare Bundled Payment Initiative






Medicare Bundled Payment Initiative

The main goal for the creation or invention of bundled payment was to create an incentive that would encourage providers have a coordinated care across treatment with the aim of ensuring that patients are treated and recover quickly. Secondly it’s necessary to improve performance in the hospitals.

First it’s effective and efficient. It saves on the time and finances besides, it also provides a large base of primary care by the physicians who then would get involved once called upon. The direct opportunity to engage the specialist in the process is quite high thus improvement on the acquiring the implantable device. On the other hand the vice that would loom is that of selection of the patients qualified for the bundles becomes difficult to actually carry out this process and in the event those that really need this miss out on it .This therefore means that the bundlers are put to task to find a more clear means to curb this vice. In consideration of post -acute care and ensuring of its effectiveness it is expected that referrals cost be lowered in terms of cost setting.

In my perception it is necessary to have people skilled to be able to access the information in time and attend to the needs of the participants as well as the patients this then calls for the increased awareness about the bundling initiative as well as dedicated bundlers to be always ready when called upon. This then would improve the clinical processes. In as much as various challenges are established by individuals in place it is quite intriguing to note that there is always lack of flexibility in a new area but with the success of the initiative in the selected areas then it would be easily adopted in the future.

Based on its newness to the medical field there is need for frequent or regular checks to ensure it is meeting the intended goals of Medicare bundled payment this requires that the movement be well organized in flow from the moment a patient is identified to the point of hospitalization to the recovery point hence closer check to ensure that spending is reduced and the service rendered is of good quality. The patient as well should have acquired an awesome experience that is not regrettable if the choice made in the eventuality.

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