Memorandum to the CEO

Memorandum to the CEO

To:Chief Executive Officer

From: Evan Kaine

Re:Michael Rufo Case – Lessons Learned

Date: August 25, 2019

As you may be aware, our company was recently sued by one of our employees, Michael Rufo, age 51, who was hired as a Manager in Training back in April of 2002. He was subsequently promoted to Assistant General Manager. The manager who hired Mr. Rufo, Brock Anderson, was replaced by Derek Robinson and the relationship between Mr. Rufo and Mr. Robinson was strained. Mr. Robinson submitted his resignation from our company and allegedly told Mr. Rufo that our company wants to eliminate the older managers. Having been passed over for promotions, Mr. Rufo filed an internal complaint with HR claiming age discrimination. Mr. Robinson was replaced by Scott Ellinger who took responsibilities away from Mr. Rufo due to Mr. Rufo’s erratic behavior. Mr. Rufo told crazy stories about alien abductions and mailing babies overseas. He also went against company policy by giving shots of Tabasco to employees who showed up late for work. Mr. Rufo claimed retaliation due to his previous filing of the complaint.

We were successful in defending this claim and it was primarily due to our managers documenting this matter thoroughly. I recommend that we implement annual training sessions with all our managers about the importance of documenting employee issues. We need to also implement a corporate policy where employees are given a verbal warning followed by a written warning, and subsequent suspension or termination based on the findings of the investigations for alleged violations of our corporate policies.