MGMT 672 Unit 1 Discussion 2

Strategic Change Management (MGMT672)

Unit 1 Discussion Board

What are the concepts and theories behind maximizing productivity and positive attitudes during the change process? Be sure to use the proper terminology in your explanation. 

There are many concepts and theories that have been created to maximize productivity and positive attitudes in the workplace. One theory we will consider is the Hierarchy of Needs Theory. This theory was created due to people have certain needs that have to be filled to operate at a high level of potential. This means to maximize business productivity, management must ensure that the needs of their employees are satisfied with their need for stability and high self-esteem. Marquis, A. (2017, november21). If employees are threatened by the thought of losing their job, that will decrease the feeling of stability which can lead to a negative work environment and lower their productivity.

What are two possible productivity measures that you would use to determine the investment value of the changes made? How would these productivity measures include why people are more motivated and productive? How would you calculate the return on time or money investment in increased motivation and productivity? 

Here are a view concepts of the Hierarchy of Needs Theory:


This theoretically maximizes productivity with the clear and constant means of communication. This helps employees know what is expected from them by management. Communication helps the employees devote time to the correct tasks needed.

Business Goal;

This is important to set an attainable goal for all employees. When management creates manageable goals this can maximize work productivity and also creates a positive attitude. These goals are then set as standards for the business.


This can also create a positive attitude and maximize productivity in the workplace. This greatly helps employees to be more motivated to be productive by knowing they are appreciated. It has been proven, that an employee who receives recognition (verbally or reward based) maintain a higher level of productivity. This will give management a great deal of return on investment from this employee.

Based on your research, what would be your final recommendations for duplication or improvement of this outcome? Provide the potential costs associated with your recommendations and the time frame in which the client should expect to see the benefits of these changes.

Explain the reasoning and logic that helped you arrive at your final recommendation;

My final recommendation would be to use the above with the phase approach. There are 4 phases that are usually broken down into initiation, planning, execution and closure. I believe this approach would be beneficial due most businesses are based on peaks. If we can establish a foundation early with the maximizing the productivity with also creating a positive attitude within the company by the implementation of these 4 phases, we can have a successful well organized process. The cost associated with this recommendation should be at a minimum due to making sure the management is well prepared and trained for the process. It is important that all leadership is on the same page and trained efficiently and effectively on all matters of the process.


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