Interview Questions


Interview Questions

Include the following questions in your interview:

How do you set performance objectives? It is important that each adjuster closes the same number of files that they open each month. If they reach out to each customer within 24 hours, the more likely they will be able to close the file faster. It is important that we continue to review the open files to look for ways to reach out to the customer to get these files closed quickly, while still being accurate.
How do you plan your work activities? I like to use Microsoft Outlook and set reminders and calendar events. I determine what is most important out of my day, to determine what should be completed first, and work through that list throughout the day.
How do you arrange tasks, people, and other resources to accomplish the work? It’s important to look at the skill sets of each person and have them work on those specific objectives. I like to setup an Excel spreadsheet of each person’s skills and the tasks so that we can arrange these tasks to the proper skills to ensure they are completed to the best ability.
How would you describe your style of leadership? My style of leadership is very open to communication. I am definitely a team based leader. I would never have someone do something that I would not do myself. I like to think of myself as a mentor, so that I can help to better their skills and help them to grow themselves within the company as well.
How do you measure performance goals are being achieved? I find it helpful to use whiteboards so that the team can see the goals and discuss with the team where the struggles may be and how we can improve on these goals. This is a good way to make sure everyone is on the same page for what the goals are and what changes may need to be made to reach the performance goals.

Develop 5 to 10 of your own additional questions. They should relate to how your interviewee plans, organizes, leads, and measures results in their respective department or organization.

How often do you evaluate your employees? I evaluate my employees two times a month, every other week. I like to do a real time coaching opportunity, this allows us to go through their files with them. I also do a compliance review to make sure they are in compliance with the insurance standards. I take note of their mistakes or errors and note if they are working on those issues.
How do you get your employees to follow you? It is important to lead by example. If you show them respect, it goes a long way. I feel it is important to not treat them like another number. You need to treat them like a person, ask questions about their personal life and how they are doing. That is the most important thing.
How would you get your employees involved in their own evaluation? I would like them to review each evaluation and see what it is that we have been discussing. They employees have access to the evaluations that are done, and they can reply to emails making note of what they are going to improve on from the evaluation.
How do you make sure your employees are accountable? I would use the performance measurements. I track through emails to make sure they are following up on voicemails and emails. I also review their claim files to make sure they are following the insurance standards. I review these items daily for my employees.
In your experience, what is the key to developing a good team? It is important to create an environment that is friendly, so that they want to come to work for you and enjoy their job. With a good team, they are going to get along and work together to reach the overall goals. This also goes back to determining what each persons skill sets are for. When developing a good team, you want to make sure that the skill sets are going to reach the goals of the team and the company in an effective manner.