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Change Management

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Change Management Plan


The purpose of this plan is to identify and analyze the changes that will impact the team. This plan will offer suggestions and strategies for managing the change and will include a communication plan, activities required, and risk identification.

Analysis of Reorganizational Impacts

This section identifies reorganizational impacts to the team due to the changes identified in the case study. You are to identify at least two changes that are occurring and what the impact is to the team.

Identify two reorganizational changes and their impact on the team. 
Corporate reorganization mostly occurs when there are new acquisitions, take over, transfer of ownership, bankruptcy etc that take place in an organizations (Kibilko, 2009). Reorganization often occurs when the companies have tried to make the new venture financing but failed badly to increase their company value.

Corporate reorganization mostly occurs when there are new acquisitions, take over, transfer of ownership, bankruptcy etc that take place in an organizations ( Kibilko,, 2009). Reorganization often occurs when the companies have tried to make the new venture financing but failed badly to increase their company value.

The two types of reorganization are as follows :-

Mergers and Consolidations:- Mergers and Consolidations is a form of reorganization which takes place when two or more firms merge together to develop a new business. Mergers and Consolidations acquisition occur of the corporation assets by the company.

Acquisition: – when the acquisition takes place of one company stock by the other company, which means acquiring the subsidiary of the acquiring corporation. The acquisition process has to be carried in between a short period of 12 months and the acquisition has to be done in steps which are made of larger plan so as to acquire the control.

Whenever both Mergers and Consolidations and Acquisition take place the employees find it very difficult to adjust to the new culture. Mergers basically new form a new type of business environment which the employees find very difficult to adapt as they understand the new business culture. The best way for employees to deal with this type of reorganizational change is to understand the new goals and targets of the company. By using this information the new managers and executives help to draw the outline and how to manage the duties as well as the responsibilities which are to be given to the employees.

Offer suggestions and strategies for managing the change including:

Two ways to communicate the reorganization plans with the team
Good communication in any company is very important. So when there is any kind of organizational changes involved than the importance of communication increases. Communication from the most senior levels of management help to see the commitment and support regarding the change which are very important and effective to be considered when the rationale and urgency of the change is very clearly told. Communication is defined as exchange of ideas between sender and the receiver. Communication is the essence of all the organizations. if there is communication gap in the organization than it leads to organizational distress which has loads of negative effects on the working of employees. It brings a bring crisis in the life’s of individuals and lead them to go into unwanted activities like weight gain, alcohol which destroys the relation. Communication gap leads to different kind of misunderstanding which hampers the employees. No organization can ever work without proper communication. Communication has various measures through which the people are connected. It’s must for all the leaders to be good communicators. Communication is that important part of leadership which covers all the aspects like motivation, information etc. Expressing or knowing and studying the negative feelings in the business environment help the people to perform and also might be considered not very appropriate by the employees. Progressive organizations help to understand the importance of making important changes which have effect on the negative feelings from the employees regarding the discussions as well as understanding the expression of the feelings that will only make difficult for the employees to understand. (Burks,, 2012)

Two ways to gain buy-in from the team
The two ways to buy in from the teams are:-

Identifying the group member that are very dangerous for making the vision occurs as they are more influence and listen more to their leaders,

Creating message regarding about the vision and also allow the team to be part of the decisions. Open communication is the key for successful plan. This will help to create messages with the key stakeholders and also them to be part of the decisions which are part of something bigger as compared to them (Steve, 2008).

Two ways to deal with resistance from the team

Managing resistance can be dealt with two ways:-

Do the change management absolutely right

Expect the change:-

Two ways you will lead and motivate your team through the change
A leader should give targets to his employees and motivate them in achieving them. He should explain the goals and objectives to his subordinates clearly. He should motivate them to be loyal and truthful to the organization .The leader should set an example in front of everybody that everybody looks up to him and motivate themselves to be like him. A good leader should always motivate his employees to fullest and help them in building their confidence (Forster,, 2010)..The best way to motivate the employees is to praise them for their hard work and effort the leaders should not dominate their team members, instead they should help to build their positive energy and make full of it so as to achieve the goals and targets.

Identify two specific ways you will inform your supervisor of plans and progress. 

The best ways to keep the supervisor up to dates is to keep on discussing with him and each and every small thing which the teams undertake. The supervisor needs to inform regarding each and every detail. When the task is done, the supervisor needs to understand what job is the people are under taking and if the job has been completed on time or not. The supervisor has to keep on checking if the team has landed in some problem or not. So the best ways to communicate is with him either directly or keep on updating him through mails.

Action item Reason Expected Outcome
leadership Leadership can be termed as power rested in an individual’s hand, which gives him the ability to motivate people and guide them to achieve there or company’s goal. The virtue of leadership can be demonstrated by a good leader. With effective leadership the team will be able to implement changes well.
planning Planning is setting in advance how to achieve the goals and targets. Planning will help to see what the company has stored in the future.
Communication with staff In leadership communication skills are always targeted on the person who is receiving the message. Having high degree of leadership skills can help the executives to help their more effectively because if there will be lack of communication in understanding the executives than employees will lack in their work which will affect the working of an organization
training the staff The reason for training the staff is very important because the staff will became capable to deliver the products more effectively. The training will also help them to meet the expected outcomes which the company wants them to give after sudden change.
Organizing Organizing is the process which will help them define and coordinate the group activities. Organization will help the management to deal with sudden changes and help people not lose their work flow.

Identify five action items required in order to implement the change. 

Identify seven potential risks along with a plan of the action to take if a risk occurs. Explain your solutions.

Employees quitting – There are many chances that employees would like to quit the job , so for that the managers need to increase their salaries. 

Non acceptance – In the new environment the employees tend to feel that they are left out. So the leadership should consider their ideas.

Strikes- To avoid the strikes its necessary negotiations between the managers and employees are done

Gossip – There can be gossiping so the leaders should try to keep a balance between formal as well as informal communication

Insecurity regarding job – The insecurity regarding the job so the management needs to divide the work according to their level

Politics in organization – Everybody would want to win the highest place so politics will occur.

No trust – It’s necessary that employees maintain full trust in the management.


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