Case Study: Dunkin’ Donuts

Case Study Dunkin’ Donuts

Week 2 Assignment

MGT330 Management for Organizations

Case Study Dunkin’ Donuts

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself, I am Jason Allen the new District Manager (DM) for you neighborhood Dunkin’ Donuts. As the new district manager, my initial focus will be the extension of three more location and significant upgrade to the three current ones. Along with that I will ensure that each branch abides by the company’s mission, “To be the preeminent retailer of high-quality coffee, doughnuts and related bakery snack and beverage products in each market in which we compete. In addition, we wish to be the preeminent retailers in these product categories as measured by total sales versus any of our competitors throughout the USA.” (Schmidt, R. A., & Oldfield, B. M. 1999). Given this promotional opportunity, I will be providing my detailed job design, organizational design, recruiting, selection, job training, and performance appraisals procedure. Which will effectively assist Dunkin’ Donuts exceed it’s projected growth potential.

“Job design is what occurs when managers determine the tasks needed to be done, who will do them, and what selection criteria will be used to choose employees and place them on the job.” (Baack, D., Reilly, M. & Minnick, C. 2014) Developing a critical organizational structured outline would be the initial key to success for the business, with outlining managerial skills, and teamwork. This is the first thing and significantly the most vital step of initiating the plan for each store. Ensuring that this is properly addressed this would lay the groundwork for each location to maximize profit. Dunkin’ Donuts’ employees are what make the company run, so the job description will provide a perspective of what will be required of potential employees. That description will provide the daily duties such as, food preparation, money transactions, sanitation, housekeeping duties, and importantly outstanding customer service. “Certain job characteristics that satisfy employees’ fundamental psychological needs will generate self-determined motivation for work.” (Dahling, J. J., & Lauricella, T. K. 2017) Additionally, besides these requirements for the job there will be individual specifications that have to be met by the potential candidate. Potential employees must be at least sixteen years of age with worker’s permit, high school diploma or equivalent, a U. S. citizens, have a work visa, or permanent resident card. Lastly professionalism is a must to work for the company.

“Organizational design is the process by which managers make specific organizing choices that result in the particular kind of organizational structure they will use.”(Baack, D., Reilly, M., & Minnick, C. 2014). Being established regionally within U. S. it is essential that the same design be used at every location. Maintaining unification, and teamwork for all Dunkin’ Donuts is the staple for the company organizational structure. Dissimilar organizing shills could create havoc throughout regions, forging the consumers to look elsewhere. Familiarity across the board will keep continued customer base no matter the location. The utilization of specific technique, supervisors will persist with keeping organizational skills set.

Selecting a candidate for each position is a step that is vital to the success of the business. Having the ability to select a well-qualified candidate to be an employee for the company that has the capabilities and desire to do required tasks. The most beneficial way in selecting employees would be to use a systematic approach. “Systematic recruiting consists of internal and external sourcing.” (Baack, D., Reilly, M., & Minnick, C. 2014) Internal sourcing could be choosing maybe family, friends or others for potential employees. External recruitment would be utilizing outside entities such as the newspaper, flyers, brochures and the Internet. Once all candidates have been recruited now the process of hiring can begin. Interviewing each candidate for the position, the applicants will be arranged by their individual qualifications. The supervisor with the proper authority to contact applicants will interview them face-to-face to understand which position these applicants are better suited for. After completion of all interviews, applicants will be contacted by phone if they were chosen for the position. Thus the training process will begin for the newly hired staff members.

After selection the employees they will begin the first step which is orientation. “Orientation consists of a series of seemingly mundane activities; however, they can have a major impact on the employment experiences.” (Baack, D., Reilly, M., &Minnick, C. 2014). Orientation begins with an overview of Dunkin’ Donuts franchise history. Included would be rules, expectations, walk through of the store, use of equipment for the task. When the employees complete orientation the next training would be ServSafe or food safety regardless of the position. Another training that will be needed is the proper baking, cooking techniques and how to properly prepare signature coffee and drinks. Ensuring the familiarization with correct techniques, proper workplace safety, and customer service that will have each consumer is happy with the intent to return for more service. During the fiscal year we will conduct quarterly evaluations that will cover competency, training, accountability, work ethic, responsibility and professionalism. Conducted by a supervisor the assessment will evaluate that each employee carries out his or her duties in a correct manner. All evaluations will be properly conducted never being based off of gender, race or ethnicity of any kind. “These evaluations will be conducted by supervisors to evaluate each member of his/her team properly and will also require similar but less extensive evaluations from peers to assist in the evaluation process.” (Baack, D., Reilly, M., &Minnick, C. 2014). “Performance appraisals are critical for organizations especially considering recruitment & selection, training, motivation, compensation & benefits and most importantly, overall organizational performance.” (Celik, D. A. 2014). Ultimately the end state of the franchise performance skills and training skills to provide outstanding products to the customer while motivating eployees to maintain a high standard of performance.

My job as your DM is to aide all persons under my supervision to ensure they do the job to best of his/her abilities while providing a great product for consumers. I have provided a detailed plan that will be implanted for the business, which will guarantee that the Dunkin’ Donuts team will be prosperous. Providing my leadership skills will ensure that every Dunkin’ Donuts location in my district will be held to the highest state or service and professionalism. We, the Dunkin’ Donuts family will be the reason that the franchise remain in the continuous growth and opportunity for the future.


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