MGT 330 Week 2 Assignment

Week 2 Assignment

MGT 330


Dunkin Donuts is a household name throughout the world and I am grateful for this opportunity. Dunkin is one of the most successful sellers of baked goods throughout the world and their success is based on careful selection of people allowed to franchise. Dunkin has employed people who take pride in providing the best service and products for their consumers. After managing a Dunkin Donuts for nearly 12 years, I have been promoted to District Manager and have the opportunity to open five new stores in the Birmingham area. I have complete autonomy, authority, structure, staff, and operation responsibilities for the five soon-to-be opened Dunkin Donuts. To continue Dunkin Donuts success, I will be playing a key role in the growth of these five new operations and these are my development strategies I will employ to reach and exceed my and the company’s goals.

Job Design

The aspect of job design plays a key role in an organization since it fulfills various obligations, including the ability to influence workers motivation, commitment to an organization, job satisfaction, turnover, and absenteeism. Completing a job design is the first step I will need to complete and because I worked my way up through the ranks my experience on the job at Dunkin Donuts helps me understand every position and the skills required of employees to be a part of my successful team. A job analysis is the process of assigning tasks to employees. Through job analysis, which included comparisons to other donut shops such as Krispy Kreme and other Dunkin Donuts, I have determined that each of the five new locations must have managers, assistant managers, shift Managers and 5 to 6 crew members at each location. Each of these roles must then have a well-defined job description attached to them and again my experience at each level will be very influential in completing a complete design. According to Baack, D., Reilly, M., & Minnick, C. (2014), “carefully designed jobs allow workers to succeed by being responsible for appropriate and manageable levels of work.” I must create job designs that involve job analysis, job description, and job specification. I will make the job description by determining job specifications, and then making eligibility or requirements necessary to fill that role and allowing each employee the best opportunity for success within the company.

Organizational Design

As stated by Allen, R. (2015), “Organizational design is a step-by-step methodology which identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, realigns them to fit current business realities/goals and then develops plans to implement the new changes.” I will use the same mechanistic and decentralized structure that is used throughout the franchise in each of the five stores I will be opening, ensuring consistency and compliance with company standards. Each franchise will have its own house rules and responsibilities provided by in house management. Managers be able to bestow more responsibilities and duties onto appointed shift leads, shift supervisors, and other crew members as they see fit. Each restaurant manager is the over-seer of all in house discipline and final authority at their local. Despite the strict rules in the food industry and when providing customer service, the structure will be mechanistic but will leave room for crew to ensure customer satisfaction. Each store will have a manager and at least 2 assistant managers and as many crew members and bakers the managers deem necessary. Crew members are expected to be flexible, pleasant, eager to satisfy the customer, and knowledgeable of every aspect of operation within the level of their non-supervisory role.

Recruiting and Selection

According to Australian HR Institute, (2018),” the purpose of the recruitment process is to find the widest pool of applicants to provide the greatest opportunity to select the best people for the required roles in an organization.” This is very important and potential employees should be well groomed and respectful. I feel the people we hire should be a reflection of what who we are and should exhibit the cha Recruiting will be ongoing, and applications can be submitted both digitally and physically and stored for review. With Dunkin Donuts being such a recognized brand, applications will continue to come in on regularly. All applicants should have backgrounds in customer service and will require at least an 11th grade education, relevant amounts of and specific types of experience, special physical and technical skills, personality and legal obligations and requirements to be considered for employment. The Australian HR Institute, (2018), also states that, “The purpose of the selection process is to ensure that the best person or people are appointed to the role or roles using effective, fair and equitable assessment activities.” Increasing organizational effectiveness and ensuring the necessary skills, knowledge and attributes are available to meet current and future strategic and operational requirements are met.

Training and Performance Appraisals

Proper training is continuous and is paramount in ensuring a successful and functional business. According to Saez, A. (2018), “regular coaching sessions, for instance, keep employees updated on their performance, encourage their strong points and address their deficiencies.” These are great opportunities to relay new policies and procedures. After being selected for employment with the company, then new employee will be enrolled into an orientation program. During orientation, the new hire will have several forms to complete regarding his or her new position and statements to sign off on. A medical examination will not be required due to the nature of the job. Following the paperwork, the location manager will give the employee a tour of the location and introduce him or her to the staff and set job expectations. Saez, A. (2018) also states that “performance evaluations, also called performance appraisals, allow you to analyze your employees’ dedication, competence, reliability and potential for advancement.” These evaluations allow the manager to determine which trends and practices help employees or contributes to their failures. The information obtained from the evaluations give evidence allowing managers to curtail training programs to be more effective and allows the company to address any areas that need improvement.


In conclusion, the above information illustrates my plans to carry out my duties as the District Manager of the 5 new Dunkin Donuts. I will operate with complete autonomy, authority, and responsibility to structure, staff, and operate these five new locations. These new Dunkin’ Donuts will encompass my sound job design and organization design to ensure that employees are confident of their responsibilities and provide consistent customer service across all stores. When employees exude confidence and take ownership in their position, it improves the customers experience. I will draw heavily from past successes at each level of employment and be adaptable and open to necessary changes identified and passed down from my team and by the professionals selected to assist me. I will consider the current trends motivating the market of our business model to continue and garner more success. I plan to assess the geographic locations and use every resource to inject our brand accordingly. I will commit to recruiting and selecting employees based on highly ethical and moral employment methods. The new hire selection process will be free of discrimination and I will strive to create and maintain a favorable work environment for all my employees.


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