MGT 380 week 1 discussion

After watching the Change is good clip, I realized that there is a lot to be learnt both at personal and also leadership at work. The ones well spelt out in the work side of life is how to effectively communicate what is required to the employees. There is nothing that beats telling your employees what you really want from them and making them know your goal. Setting the standards and the minimum requirements for your employees is also the best to do when in a leadership position at work. This will encourage the employees to work extra hard to meet those set standards. Working together with the employees towards achieving the set standards is also very important when leading in an organization. This will make the leader understand whatever the employees are going through in their day to day work.

In the personal aspect of it, there is also a lot to be learnt. Focusing on the goals that i have set is one major lesson to be learnt here. Keeping a focus on the main track and not deviating to other means. Change can also impact on personal life through clearly defining and knowing what I want at the end of it all. This will help me to refine the goals I have for myself in life and knowing what I should have achieved by what stage and time.