The Asda Way of Working

The Asda Way of Working

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MGT 441,


Based on your understanding of the theories of effective change implementation, how would you evaluate the change leadership of Archie Norman and his top executives during their first six months at Asda?Asda’s problems began when top management embarked on two equally disastrous paths. First, they diverted much of the profit from the grocery operations into nonfood acquisitions: retail operations such as furniture and carpeting. And second, management moved to change their customer base from blue-collar to more upscale shoppers.’ Archie Norman came into a situation that had and was being ignored by current management and executives. People were walking around with their heads in the sand ignoring the root problem in hopes of it changing. Due to this, the company was in jeopardy, hence the need for Archie Norman.Drastic measures needed to be made in order to save the company and those first measures where to cut away at the cancers causing the company to lose its footing in a market they had once been so successful.

In order for any of the effective change implementation theories to be, successful Archie had to build a top team that was in line with his vision and goals and one that was willing to do the hard work and get Asda back to the top. Once the necessary staff changes were made and all involved were on the same page Archie Norman could then focus on continuing the diagnosing the illness of the business and then into practice. With an executive staff in place that were all in agreement with a shared vision Archie Norman could then follow through with all steps of the sequential model of effective change implementation. Those steps are:

Based on your understanding of the theories of effective change implementation, what specific steps would you recommend be undertaken over the next 18 months?

  • Redesign
    • Roles
    • Responsibilities
    • Relationships
  • Help
    • Training
    • Mentoring
  • People Alignment
    • Assessment
    • Promotion
    • Replacement
    • Recruitment
  • System & Structures
    • Reporting relationships
    • Compensation
    • Information
    • Measures & Control

    According to the Sequential model found on page 43 along with the steps and statement of values found on pages 52 and 53 it my opinion that Archie Norman is on the right track. One thing that is impressive is that Archie Norman is also taking into consideration key concerns employees may have concerning him. He is not simply coming in and cleaning house or removing the cancer as we labeled it earlier, but he is also developing a treatment plan if you will for the overall health and recovery of the company.

    Utilizing all the steps such as redesigning roles, responsibilities, and relationships and providing help with training and mentoring current staff, and then realigning staff by providing assessments, giving promotions, making replacements if needed and recruiting the right people as well as systematic structure changes. All of these steps will never be successful and not put Asda back to where they once were if Archie Norman does not consider his reputation and how well received he is as the leader. His three-year plan is achievable, but will only fail if he does not address issues he brings up on page 54.

    Yes people will go where they are lead but in order for the company to survive and not fall back into old habits when Archie Norman leaves they employees or as Archie calls them “colleagues” (Spector, 2010. p 53). Specific steps to follow are to continue with the sequential model. Next step is to get more of the executive staff out to the field and see for themselves how the implemented changes are working or not working. Another step is to keep the lines of communication open between lower level colleagues and executives. As this case shows when upper level executive lose sight of lower level colleagues as well as sight on what it is the company’s core values and mission are things go downhill and fast. Asda has been lucky in that they are working to turn their downward mobility back to one of upward mobility and regain the reputation and market share it once enjoyed.