MGT 415 Week 1 discussion 2

  Week 1 discussion 2 Identify a generic organization (e.g., manufacturing plant, hospital, educational institution). You will use this same organization in your Final Project. Assume that you are part of a research team examining work groups in the organization to determine factors that enhance or inhibit group productivity. Identify what factors you would examine in your research and provide a rationale for your choice. When it comes to assignments like these I usually go for the one that I think would look best on paper and it always kills me because I end up doing not as well as I can because I have no true interest in the subject. So with all that being aid the organization I chose to focus on is the Boys & Girls Club specifically the local branch here the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Suncoast. As a researcher I would like to see training, work performance, conflict resolution, and member happiness. I first would like to see that training is available, everyone is properly trained, and training schedule. I would like to then watch the employees element in there element to judge their performance. I would then like to test the cohesion by seeing how conflicts are handled. Then lastly I would like to survey the member to rate their overall happiness. I chose the BGC because I grew up in the BGC and also worked for them for a time being. So it is something that I have knowledge of and is very close to my heart.