MGT 415 week 2 discussion 2

  Informal groups are in almost every work place even if we do not know it. I know there are many in my place of business. One major informal group that I feel I am in actually includes most of my office. My company has four different locations and my office is one of the smaller ones. We have bonded ourselves and become a family. We always look out for one another and have each others backs. In our larger informal group there are multiple mini informal groups as well. But I can say the behavior of the group member affects the ways I see our other offices. I know I should give everyone a chance but when something happens and the response from my group is ‘oh it’s just Fargo  being Fargo don’t worry about it’ I then get the vibe that they are a group that if you are not in their group you will be doing things wrong all the time. Yes there are certain things which the norms will always be the norms but we are all very opinionated and not afraid to say what we think should be going on and because of that we are able to communicate and be successful.  Losh, S. (2011). Group Behavior in Organizations. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.