MGT 415 week 3 discussion 1

My experience involves parties for the children at my head start center for holidays.  My daily responsibilities only require me to work side by side with one other person.  For holidays parents are encouraged to donate a minimal monetary donation as well as bringing snacks, supplies and decorations to go towards the parties.  Providing input also raises a group’s commitment to the larger collectivity.  When these parties come up everyone in the center comes together to make it a memorable experience for the children.  Each group member is assigned a task to complete. This not only helps get the job done faster but it allows group members to trust in their group to get the job done.  Including representatives of groups in decision making for the entire organization also builds commitment. Not only do the teachers and cooks contribute but the center directors get involved also.  They have  the most experience and offers a lot of creativity.  Fortunately, in my young working years I have not had any negative experiences involving group cohesiveness.  Team work makes the dream work! 

Losh, S. (2011). Group behavior in organizations. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.