MGT 415 week 3 discussion 2

Without even knowing we are doing it in any group we create norms. This can be caused by the culture, type of business and task at hand among other things. We often find a person in the group who is looked at as the leader and we will find what they do expectable (or not) and we may at times find ourselves acting in the same way. Or we can find that peer pressure can also play a role (Losh, 2011) If we find ourselves not agreeing or seeing something in a different way we may find our self stating independent and not following into the norms of the group.

I believe people who do not conform to the groups norms do succeed in influencing the rest of the group. It may not happen all the time or even half the time. But, to me, all it takes is for that one person to stand up for what they believe and let it be known and chances are they are not the only one who thinks that was thinking the same thing and could not go against the norm and speak up. Or if it happened that they were the only one thinking out side the box of norms it could help people see it in a different view.


Losh, S. (2011). Group behavior in organizations. San Diego: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.