MGT 415 Week 4 discussion 1

Decisions are made in a variety of ways using a variety of methods. The method most used in many of the situations is the Brainstorming method… In many cases in my career I have found myself in circumstances that are unplanned and unanticipated and our team has to formulate a solution to the given condition based on experience and expertise. Brainstorming comes in particularly handy in these cases as it allows for a rapid flow of ideas that most often lead to a quick resolution to our issue.  


The next model that I am most familiar with is the Eureka model… I find this to play out mostly with my daughter when I’m trying to find the right answer to what decision I should make. I am a single, full time dad, and although I grew up with many sisters, many times the answer to the question she may have seems to have me at a loss. In these cases I’ll call one of my sisters and seek their guidance or experience. In many of these calls it strikes me, “Of course” and I am able to arrive at what I believe/hope is the right answer.


Finally, the Truth Supported model, which I feel is closely tied to the BrainStorming model in that many of the ideas generated via brainstorming are based on actual/factual knowledge that many of us share, leading us to the Truth Supported decision.