MGT 415 week 5 discussion 1

Name as many qualities as possible for a great leader.

I personally feel the following are qualities which I have experienced in the military and thru networking that make someone a great leader:

Great leaders show or have the following: Empathy, generosity, ethical, humility, patience, trustworthiness, listener, flexibility, motivates, great judgment, Caring, Open-minded, fair, honesty, respectful, confidence, integrity, compassion, engagement, empowers, supportive

Why is it important to be a great leader?

My opinion, before being a great leader you need to be a great follower.  Great leaders learn their traits, skills and gain knowledge by following an listing to others.  In terms of leading an organization, if an organization overall objective is to be successful,  you have to have great leaders.  It’s important to have someone that is a great leaders who can lead others mainly his or her employees to success.  Great leaders tend to build successful teams. Successful teams follow great leaders.

What is the difference between a leader and a manager?

While both are considered to be leading in the position they hold and working together, the difference is managers plans, organizes and coordinates while as a leader your job is to inspire and motive.

Why is it important for a great leader to get personal with his/her people?

This is very important to me in any sort of organization.  If you are the leader or chosen to be the leader, if you want to lead effectively, you first have to know your people.   I great leader takes the time to know those who work for him or her.  While not all organization has leaders that are able to meet all employees, this is where managers and lower level leaders in position of power find the time to know their employees on a personal level.  As a leader, it’s your job to inspire and motive your people in order to effectively achieve your organizational goals.