MGT 435 week 3 Assignment: XYZ, INC CHANGE MODEL


MGT 435 Organizational change



XYZ, Inc. Change model

XYZ Company is a high-end retail market that sells luxury watches, jewelleries, handbags and other related products. The company is looking for first international expansion by opening a store in Shanghai, China. The new store in Shanghai is a short-term goal and the next step will be relayed on this success. The long-term goal is to push them in to the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) regions. The future goal and target of the company that is lining up requires more changes along the way and it is not easy task to accomplish. Hence, it is essential to have appropriate strategic plan at the earliest to prepare the organization and everyone (employees, manager) in order to accomplish the target.

It is significantly clear that H&Dgates is in need of a leader who is capable in succeeding the organization and to win over the competition prevailing in the market, as changes are required at all stages. In terms of researchers, leader ship is the capability of leader in strategizing despite the differences and changes that are approaching like management changes, cultural, organizational and is able to go through them (Speller, 2012). In this case, H&Dgates should adapt Cummings and Worley’s five dimensions in leading an managing the changes for adapting to changes which H&Dgates would be facing in order to achieve their goals (Weiss, 2012). For a change to take place they should come from organization and it comes with a lot of effort that requires to be reconsidered, which is similar to the three components that is mentioned by Cummings and Worley. Accordingly, this strategy demands for those organizational changes that strongly rely on the strong leadership (Speller, 2012).

Three Components of Organizational changes

There are many advantages for a company if they are ready to take up the challenge of facing the changes irrespective of the changes as long as the path to achieve the vision and mission of the company are clear. If in a company fails to face the changes and proceed with the challenges which change poses, then there are more chances where the company will fail this is evident with 70% of those companies who ignore the importance of changes to the organization and the people affected by them (Miller,1985). In this case, it is important to have guidance like three components of the organization change for facing the changes effectively without compromising the profits of the company.

The three main components of changes are people, intent and delivery (Weiss, 2012). This clearly mention that people are actually expected to appreciate and accept the changes as a part of growth and that the delivery being a part of the managing or governing group who are responsible for providing the resources that are required by the organization (Weiss, 2012). It is not sufficient to have strategy alone, people should be informed and aware about it and their timing should be appropriate for any change in the organization to take place in an effective manner without affecting the company and people working with the company (Miller, 1995).

Majority of company try to incorporate changes as regular part of the company’s growth and they do not look at these changes as challenges or it is not a surprise that is required to be taken with or to be fixed with (Weiss, 2012). In this case, for instance XYZ Inc. is making more efforts to changes in order to make them competitive in different international market that totally changes their target goals, as there will be a new challenge that includes cultural diversity, behavior of customer in the new store.

Five dimensions of changes leadership and management

In all working environment changes are mandatory to be incorporated in order to get management effectiveness. A management is considered to be effective only if everyone are working together in order to achieve the goal of the company (Weiss, 2012). This is possible only if the organizational leaders can face changes effectively and must be in a position to implement them without affecting the productivity and motivation of the team members and thus fostering a unity in working direction (Kreps, 2011). The five dimension of change leadership and management are to help the leaders in introducing changes without much difficulties, there must be a vision, political support, there should be a managing transition for the changes which is on-going and should be given momentum to those who will be affected (Weiss, 2012).

The main short-term challenges to achieve the goal can be overcome by addressing
communication process and to look at its effectiveness. One has to understand as how effective communication is there in such environment. Leader should be in a position to encourage everyone to share their views and ideas as how to deal with the changes in the organization or in the work process. If in case these opinions are heard, it avoids collision between the people and management (Weiss, 2012).

XYZ requires motivation in order to make the employees accept for the organizational changes because without their co-operation it will lead to collision between people and management that will affect the entire organization and its profitability (Weiner, 2009). Motivation should begin within and then should move on to employees and other people to explain about the importance of changes and why the organization has to go through them, addressing all the queries, and the actions taken by the organization in managing and handling the issues to stop the possible any uprising on process (Weiss,2012). For better result, the approach should empower the employees as to why these changes are necessary to start within the management of the company for improving the results.

Organization vision

Before entering international market, it is essential to understand and study about the culture and geography of the foreign market, which will enable them to be prepared to face the changes that are entering in BRIC regions (Weiss, 2012). However, the basic core value should not be altered which includes basic services like customer support, quality of product and accessories and new information/plans should be added for overcoming the cultural difference. Vision and goals are essential for every company as this provides for direction and pathway that will enable the organization to face the future.

With regard to organizational changes, both cultural environment and economy remains constant, which includes even expansion. Moreover, some other factors always stand as a hindrance to successful changes like attitude, management involvement towards such changes and the response of employees to the implemented changes (Weiss, 2012).One may not know as how changes will affect the shareholders. If in case all are aware about the changes, then implementing changes will be easy.

Political support development

Political support requires time as it grows with time and requires appropriate planning and implementation that is measured with the goals that are set to be attainable. If strong network is present, getting support will be easier. Organization can get more support if in case the management has strong tie up with the internal employees hence uniformity has basic importance (Weiss, 2012). According to Schwartz Wicked (2003), one get to know many things that teaches that teaches many things. Being a manager, one has to know the relationship between the people that exist for the reason in the corporate world that can provide a great support in the future. This is what required by the managers of H&Dgates in order to maintain the stability in facing the challenges which are brought by changes (Weiss, 2012).

Transition management

H&Dgates ensures to provide for excellent customer services, as it is their first goal after starting their new operation in China. Excellent customer service can be provided only by giving everything that an employee can give in order to ensure that employees get positive experience in shopping which will enable the customers to recollect their shopping experience (Ahearne, Mathieu & Rapp, 2005). This is the good note to begin within the foreign land for building the brand name for XYZ and there are many processes which are required by XYZ to fulfill, as they will be assessed (Speller, 2012). These are main factors to be considered in the process of transition (Weiss, 2012). This is called as the momentum- starting for the business that provides for great and strong customer experience that will ensure for repeat customers. The underlying thing is that employees must be empowered and must have an opportunity to learn the required things before establishing them as a good company in the market.

Momentum for sustainability

Company’s high growth is dependent upon the leader who is ready to take up the challenges and ready to face any kind of changes. A leader should be motivated and will empower with the will to face any kind of challenges through the way of growth, giving loyalty, and ensure that they are committed to the company at any costs according to McGeorge (2011). If the leader is in a position to segment, the customers based on their requirements, desire, and expectations and are in a position to create a channel that gives an opportunity for expansion and growth. Moreover, it is well balanced to handle the pressure and work, ready to face any kind of challenge and prepared to take any action then a company can have higher growth (Bezant-Noblest, n.d). A leader is a person who knows to communicate well and motivate people properly (Weiss, 2012).

Primary vision is an important factor in order to execute the change and to be successful in implementing them without having any adverse effect on growth and in development of the company. XYZ should be in a position to begin to face challenges of starting the business in new market in Shanghai. According to a great philosopher Lao Tuz, leaders are best if they do not think they are leaders and able to act as if they are someone to fulfill and to do something own (Edberg, n.d). After setting up the new goals, the company will be in a position to implement the change process in an appropriate manner and to motivate the employees in achieving the goals and answering the all-possible issues that may arise in the way. This is an internal process and hence XYZ employees and management should have the capability to make such changes an easy process or should depend upon the leader who will handle it.

Foundation to the successful change

Whenever a leader works hard in achieving something and the team realizes it this will automatically motivate them that makes them to work hard and allowing the leader to be a better role model. According to George Orwell, there are high-level sentiments present for a leader who is dedicated and they are considered heroes (Edberg, n.d). If in case, a company implements something according to the suggestion of all it will result in failure. XYZ should understand their existing position and the requirements of future and chances of getting them and achieving higher goals are really a big task. It is clear that XYZ can begin by implementing the five dimensions of changes leadership and management in order to reach the goal and to enable them in facing the international market.


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