Mgt 505 Week 7 Discussion

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Your company has charged you with managing internal communications for its upcoming 50th anniversary. You need to coordinate events among the planning committee as well as eventually send invitations to all employees. Your company has just over 500 employees in 12 locations across three states in the southwest U.S.

Besides the information provided, determine additional information that you will you need to plan your communication strategy.

To ensure that an event/meeting of this magnitude goes off without a hitch, besides the information provided, the additional information that I would request to plan my communication strategy is:

Once a consensus has been reached by me and senior management, the next logical step would be to assemble a task for to assist with the event and discuss divvying up assignments.

  • Attendee list – will the invitation be extended to all 500 employees nationwide or a select group?
  • Budget – will ensure that there are sufficient funds to cover the event, i.e. travel, lodging, venue, etc.
  • Venue – Identify a central location that will be cost effective and easily accessible by the attendees that will be possibly coming from our 12 locations.

When communicating with the planning committee, determine which form(s) of communication do you think would be most appropriate. Explain your reasoning.

Select the best means of communication that you would employ when alerting the employee populations as a whole of the event. Explain your rationale.

  • Once prospective task force members have been identified, e-mail the prospects to see if they are interested in participating.
  • Once I receive the responses back, I would schedule a face-to-face meeting with the interested parties in addition to other periodic “status” meetings on an as needed basis.

Since the company has over 500 employees that are located across 12 states, the best means of communication that I would employ to alert the employees would be e-mail. I would employ e-mail because it will reach the employees in a matter of seconds/minutes, it’s informal, and I wouldn’t have to worry about the correspondence or the responses being delayed unless the system is down.

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